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Dec 06 2006

Did Goldfarb Send Lugovoi A Signal?

All through the Litvinenko iincident Goldfarb (speaking for Berezovsky and Litvinenko) have claimed Litvinenko was rubbed out by Putin controlled assassins. Now all of a sudden news is leaked from UK authorities that Lugovoi is the main suspect in incident strengthening the assassination theory since Lugovoi is an ex-FSB agent. And does Goldfarb (and therefore […]

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Dec 06 2006

In Lugovoi’s Own Words

It seems Andrei Lugovoi has already done an interview (11/24/06) for the Moscow News on his relationship with Litvinenko and an extensive timeline. This will probably be as detailed as any reporting we get from the questioning he is to undergo today, and will be a useful reference to see if there are any changes […]

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