Oct 17 2006

Dem Kildee Admits Unwanted Attention To Pages Discussed By Board

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The Democrats have a lot more explaining to do! It seems the Dem member of the Page board, Dale Kildee, has admitted there were discussions about the wrong kind of approaches to Pages by the Page board:

Allegations of improper conduct toward teenage congressional assistants, which do not involve ex-Rep. Mark Foley, were discussed by the board overseeing the program, a Democratic lawmaker said.

Rep. Dale Kildee, the only Democrat on the House Page Board, would not elaborate on whether the discussion involved lawmakers. He said, however, that none of the allegations discussed have been proven.

Wait a minute here! I emphasized that last bit to highlight the hypocrisy in all this. There are other complaints about unwanted approaches towards the Pages, but they have not been proven? From what we saw iin the emails (not the IMs) was clearly insufficient to prove anything. So did Kildee propose to investigate these incidents?

Kildee said the House Page Board held the discussions about allegations of improper conduct in a conference call.

“It was about other allegations and I’d like to leave it at that,” he said. “Let me just say, not about Mr. Foley. It’s only been allegations.”

No Sir! We will not just “leave it at that”! All that existed in the Fall of 1005 with Foley was some emails asking a Page how he was doing after Katrina and if he would send Foley a picture. Who are these people Kioldee is covering for (given his party affiliation, we can only guess). We must, as the Democrats have been crying, protect the children and find out if they are being exposed to sexual predators. I want to know how these other charges compared to the Foley evidence. Were they more or less obvious? Were they also being covered up (to protect the accused from unfounded rumors – of course!). We need more on this to make sure other predators are not still on the Hill and hunting their prey among the Pages there.

[I hope someone like Rush sees this news – it needs to get broad exposure]

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  1. carol johnson says:


    “All that existed in the Fall of 1005 with Foley was some emails…”

    Of course in 1005 he could have been burned at the stake for that. LOL.

    Seriously though, you are absolutely right and I hope this doesn’t get covered up as well. So many things have been covered up, papered over, or otherwise ignored – that is, if your name has a big “D” after it. Did you hear that CREW is going after Curt Weldon? Who sicced the FBI on him anyway? Sounds to me like retaliation for Able Danger.


  2. ivehadit says:

    I tell you the clintons are a scourge on the earth. They must be removed. NOW.

    Total republican victory Nov. 7 is required in our mission to defeat this scourge.

    Like the republicans or not, they are the only hope in defeating the “silent coup” that the soros/clinton group are perpetrating on this country. This is war. And they intend to win. WE MUST NOT LET THEM.

  3. crazy says:

    While anything’s possible, Kildee’s probably talking about last weekend’s allegations about Jim Kolbe’s camping trip years ago. If the allegations were about a fellow Dem there would be no incentive for him to mention it all. So he was probably just trying to whip up a little excitement about the coming announcement that the retiring Kolbe is being investigated too.

  4. Retired Spook says:

    Sounds to me like retaliation for Able Danger.

    Carol, I think you’re right on the money.

  5. Mark78 says:

    Recently released documents from Saddam Hussein’s intelligence services (IIS) seem to indicate that Saddam Hussein’s regime had called for strikes on American interests in March 2001.

    Joseph Shada has translated the document ( link) and Ed Morrissey has analyzed it ( link).


  6. sloop says:

    democratic rationalization: with studds its ‘consenting adults’ – with foley its child molestation

    democrats will pimp out their mothers to keep power – gays are the useful idiots in this – they should realize that when gays no longer serve that purpose, they will be thrown under the bus faster than a rino can dump a majority leader