Jan 30 2007

Putting Iran On Notice – What Choice?

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I was listening in to Laura Ingrahm talk to Brit Hume this morning and Hume, as usual, makes a good point regarding the President warning Iran about attacks on US personnel and our Iraqi allies. The point is basically what would the BDS driven maniacs do differently? The truth is an attack on our people by Iranians is an act of war. They are not being forced by gunpoint to kill Americans. But the only option would be for the President to say “go ahead – kill our people with impunity because we vow not to respond”. Have the liberals can this far over the edge? How quikcly do they want to destroy their limited opportunity and controlling Congress? Only a deranged nut would oppose Bush warning Iran not to attack us.

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  1. Carol_Herman says:

    You mean the military experience is to trust what’s read in the newspapers? Seems so foolish. According the media “the only stories that get through, are the one’s they slant.”

    Nobody notices Dan Rather’s career (and reputation) tanked on that assumption?

    And, looks what’s missing from Libby’s trial! Where the media went silent for years! Even after the push Wilson was doing from INSIDE THE KERRY CAMPAIGN, failed to put Kerry over the top; so that he’s NOT sitting in the White House …

    How many people can still be scammed?

    Yes, there’s a big push on, now. But it reminds me that in other places in history; for instance when the south seceded, with mucked around for years and years with DEFEAT. But do you know what that caused?

    Originally, again, if you went back to 1860. You’d see the braggards were all southerners. And, Lincoln’s choices, alas, for top generals, fell short of perfect. Perfect? Ohio stood behind Grant all the way. And, ultimately, Lincoln understood. And, after much blood-letting, by the time the Civil War was over, the south understood it made some presumtive mistakes in the beginning, that proved naught.

    So, we’re at war against terror. We’ve had problems with the arabs since America began. Or you don’t know your history about the Barbary pirates. That we had NO NAVY. That even John Paul Jones, who had been captaining the Betsy, was taken prisoner. And, from all the top leaders in America, the choice was NOT TO BUILD A NAVY. But to pay ransom. And, sometimes? We supplied gunboats in exchange for humans who were taken prisoner by the arabs. Degraded. And, sold into slavery.

    The fancy pants who were in congress, then, thought Americans wouldn’t stand for a war against the muslims. Go on. Estimate how long this went on? Because it doesn’t get solved right away! And, England was sure our New Nation, would collapse! Because we couldn’t defend our ships at sea.

    Heard of “From the Halls of Montesuma, to the shores of Tripoli?” Can you whistle it? Those were our MARINES. Soldiers who board ships to go and fight over the high and mighty seas.

    In those days? Those arabs collapsed when we showed up with MIGHT. But they kept sticking it to us, as long as all we brought was ransom.

    The same is true, now.

    While the wommen think they’ve got their song. And, they see no “down side.” Ya know what? Those broads ain’t popular!

    But it seems the media is using silence; as if all of us just “agree.”

    Nope. Very few people “agree” with others. And, the women are old, and so far haven’t impressed us … say … beyond what Fitzgerald, and his cohorts have done. Or Nifong. (When I saw BORAT I understood why Nifong thought he’d get away with what he did.) But he confused a comedy film, where Borat carries a bag of shit to the “fancy southerner’s dining table,” as something that gives lots of people forced into silence, a very good laugh!)

    Oh, Borat’s not up for any academy award. Because he’s a Jew. And, it’s been a long time since any talent really was in hollywood. Because if there was talent? You wouldn’t have the loss of business; where theaters built stadium seating, to see this stuff empty of crowds.

    But at least this isn’t ENRON. We are not “invested.”

    As to the donks? How do they win? Libby gets lynched? That’s gonna win hearts and minds?

    Seeing McCain making “goo goo eyes” at hillary (up at Drudge, today). Doesn’t make you think, perhaps, McCain has been eclipsed? Again, your answer will depend on the faith you put into the news media.

    You might be bored with the names of candidates you see advertising themselves as our “new leader” come 2008. But you’d be surprised, when your enterprise tumbles into red ink, such statements are just stupid. Or are you waiting for your ENRON stock to recover?

    The entire Middle East is still in for a long, hard slug fight. Partially due to the fact that oil is such an “enrichment device,” for otherwise rabidly insane arabs. But go ahead. Think the geezers who still show up for “1960 love fests” have anything like the youth movement of old.

    Some wise person said you could have sold this crowd Geritol.

    While I think Bush doesn’t engage with the media at all. And, I don’t think our military makes their plans because headlines scream: “CHAT AND RUN.”

  2. MerlinOS2 says:


    It is not the middle east I worry about we can deal with it the way were are or withdraw to a safe distance and turn the sand into glass.

    I have had some friends go there and only some have come back. But I know each of the fallen would have said they were doing the right thing without any remorse.

    What I worry of is when I see us having to take thousands of our young and fight the next crusade in Europe. It is only a matter of time, not a question of if.

  3. HaroldHutchison says:

    They won’t provide any solutions. They will just oppose Bush.

  4. The Macker says:

    Western Europe may have burned its last bridge and may be on its own in the next crusade over there. Its lack of gratitude for WWII and repeated back stabbing since, have hardly endeared it to the backbone of this country that would do the fighting.

  5. crosspatch says:

    Interesing … might want to have a look at this.

    One of Iran’s top nuclear scientists, Ardeshir Hassanpour, a professor at the university of Shiraz, has died under mysterious circumstances. Hassanpour’s death was announced by Iranian state television, a week late, on Thursday. No reason was given for his death. The scientist was proclaimed the best scientist in the military field in the Islamic Republic in 2003.

  6. crosspatch says:

    Also, this is something that our government or even our people individually should be giving more support.

    The Secular Islam Summit announced an unprecedented gathering of secularists of Islamic societies in which leading dissidents seek to launch a movement for reason, pluralism, and freedom of conscience, March 4-5 in St. Petersburg, Florida.

  7. BarbaraS says:

    What we ought to do is shoot or bomb anything that moves across the border on either side no matter how small . No exceptions. Why haven’t we had fighter planes guarding the borders all this time. That would stop this foolishness and maybe keep these terrorists in their own countries. These countries are better equipped to handle them. After all, they don’t have to contend with PC like we do. Unless, of course, if the authorities of these countries are the ones sending them. That would be a different story altogether and not totally unbelievable.

  8. BarbaraS says:

    Of course, we know Iran and Syria are sending terrorists to Iraq. I was thinking more of the other countries like Saudi Arabia.

  9. MerlinOS2 says:

    Barbara it is not about planes or even trains.

    It is about a religion that values nothing but itself.

    If I were to try to design a perpetual motion doomsday machine I couldn’t do much better than this.

    I hate to think of the future clash, it will be deadly and costly and something I know we would rather not want or be asked to endure.

    But it will happen.

    At least I am old and feeble of health enough that I may not myself have to endure it, but it doesn’t suspend my tears for those who will have to.

  10. MerlinOS2 says:

    Macker in some ways I could tend to agree with you.

    One of the blogs I read every day is EUreferendum.

    And I never miss Melanie Phillips.

    I wish we had a woman of such clarity.

    I will have to admit Clarice is close, but that may be just due to my bias of respect for her.

    Some things can’t be undone.

  11. Jacqui says:

    Drudge has some news on Iran…
    NBC NEWS confirms a secret U.S. military report that says ‘Iranian Agents’ may be behind a deadly ambush in Karbala, Iraq that left five American soldiers dead. The report also claims the Iranian revolutionary guard is providing intelligence on U.S. and Iraqi military to Shiite extremists, in addition to sophisticated weaponry. Developing…

  12. owl says:

    Only a deranged nut would oppose Bush warning Iran not to attack us.

    Exactly…..but that is also exactly the situation. I have heard it over the last month several times on TV. Watched Rocky. What message does that send to our enemies when the top dogs (I beg all 4-legged dogs pardon) aid them? Traitors and they do not even care anymore.

    They do not need to because the MSM is still driving this machine for them. Many of our party helped them. It is a mistake to think that the MSM has lost it’s power……..they are still running this war on the home front. Sure they losing money but I have not found evidence that has changed their message or their messengers. Their messengers VOTE. I know too many good people that still vote for the Dems. Why? Do they agree we should just sit back and let the enemy kill us? No. They receive a distorted MSM message everyday. I am not talking just ‘the news’. I am pointing out the ‘fluff’ shows such as Good Morning America. And ABC use to not be as bad as NBC, who use to not be as bad as CBS, who was not as bad as CNN.

    I’ve heard people say that the poor misguided deserve it because they do not bother to investigate. Not true. These are good people that love their country and would give you a helping hand……that have busy lives and pay attention to what is in the papers and ‘the news’. They are being lied to as often as they eat dinner. The MSM has taken this war that is so important for our survival and spun it into a George W Bush mistake. I am sick of hearing even the FOX channel talk as if the war was a ‘mistake’. Republicans accepting that bs as logic.

    I reject all that nutty bs. I was not a child that could be mislead.

    It is such commonly accepted wisdom that I watched many Repubs decide to fight their own pet issues, rather than fight as a group for our survival. We were not strong enough. Little things like Collin’s committee on Katrina…….a thousand cuts.

    The result is a Dem party so strong (because of the MSM) that they can get away with telling Iran it’s okay to kill us. Did you ever think you would live to see the day the politicians would warn their President that he had better finish a war by a certain day and better not hurt Iran or disagree with any of the world’s pet issues to tax us?

    No, I do not understand why anyone would vote for elected leaders that claim they can be ‘mislead’ into a war vote that built through 17 resolutions. No way to understand that kind of weasel and coward. Nor the new twist that Hillary put on it so she could get with the winners. It would be funny if not so deadly serious. Her twist? She voted for the war (after 17 resolutions and inside intell) but “the President took my vote and misused it”. So how is it possible for these professional politicians to tell the world that all it’s problems start and end in the USA? That we are the real enemy?


  13. The Macker says:

    owl ,
    I share your frustrations and anger.

    An article in the American Thinker recently observed that our popular media is an “asset” of our enemy.