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Sep 29 2005

DeLay And Earle

Watching the DeLay and Earle reactions I think too many bloggers and pundits live too much inside the beltway (which is really a hoot since I was born and raised there!). While I now live just outside the beltway (more house for the money), us ‘natives’ have been around this town long enough to know […]

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Sep 29 2005

Forrester Gaining

Corzinne has a race on his hands and I still think there is a good chance he will lose. With polls indicating the state’s gubernatorial campaign has tightened, Democratic candidate U.S. Sen. Jon Corzine sought yesterday to warn voters his Republican opponent would bring President Bush’s policies to New Jersey. But Republican Douglas Forrester, buoyed […]

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Sep 29 2005

Able Danger, Arkin III, 09/29/05

UPDATE: Folks I am nursing a nasty cold and facing deadlines, so color me red for never linking to Arkin’s post! They will have to tear this keyboard from my dead cold hands……. OK, they can have it. END UPDATE Bill Arkin has come out with part three of his Able Danger treatise. I posted […]

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Sep 29 2005

Fly By 09/29/05

UPDATE: I was close in my Roberts’ confirmation vote prediction. I said 75-25 and it was 78-22. Chillin’ news. Also Mark Coffey, the founder of the Coalition of The Chillin’, is not buying all the bravado from the media on a filibuster showdown. I agree, won’t happen – which is what I said yesterday. END […]

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Sep 29 2005

I Am Normal

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I am normal, and proud of it. Bet you are too! This is one of the best posts I have read in ages – and made me feel really pretty good. I would add: Normal is trying to squeeze 70 minutes of Lord of The Rings in every night for a week with the teenager, […]

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