Sep 29 2005

Forrester Gaining

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Corzinne has a race on his hands and I still think there is a good chance he will lose.

With polls indicating the state’s gubernatorial campaign has tightened, Democratic candidate U.S. Sen. Jon Corzine sought yesterday to warn voters his Republican opponent would bring President Bush’s policies to New Jersey.

But Republican Douglas Forrester, buoyed by polls that showed he has cut Corzine’s lead from double digits to between 4 and 9 points, continued stressing his plan to force the state to pay 30 percent of the property taxes on each primary home.

New Jersey could use some of Bush’s policies of low taxes and a strong economy. What state wouldn’t?

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2 Responses to “Forrester Gaining”

  1. clintsf says:

    Perhaps he’ll be able to make something of Corzine’s vote against Roberts? Roberts polls well nationally, do you know if he’s similarly popular in New Jersey?

  2. ordi says:

    IMHO the race is tightening because of Corzine gift giving and stock selling practices . It does not matter in Iowa but in Jersey it does. NJ Folks are hearing and paying attention to the news about Corzine.