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Sep 27 2005

Giant Squid Caught On Film

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Say ‘Cheese’! A pair of Japanese scientists have photographed for the first time in the wild a live giant squid, one of the most mysterious creatures of the deep-sea. The Japanese scientists led by Tsunemi Kubodera, from the National Science Museum in Tokyo, tracked the 25-foot long Architeuthis as it attacked prey nearly 3,000 feet […]

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Sep 27 2005

O’Connor Replacement To Be Named Soon

Bush is supposedly close to selecting a nominee to replace Justice O’Connor. AP/Breitbar has this announcement. I prefer to drop by Redstate for all things judicial. Today they do not disappoint. Here, here, here and here. Basically no one knows and Bush and his team are masters at keeping the lid on news until they […]

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Sep 27 2005

Able Danger, Arkin Article, 09/27/05

Note: I had to whip out the original post in draft form with lots of typos – my apologies. I have since cleaned it up a bit (OK, a lot) since the kids are now in bed and I have a free moment again. Mark Coffey was kind enough to alert me and others following […]

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Sep 27 2005

Three Cheers for Michael Brown

UPDATE: I see MacRanger and I find ourselves on the same side of an issue again. I couldn’t be in better company. UPDATE II: Seems Powerline is joining us who see no value in pretending FEMA was (a) something it wasn’t and (b) listening to armchair pretend experts. END UPDATE I have found the need […]

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Sep 27 2005

Islamist Bombers Arrested In France

Excellent news. From this Powerline post we find this story: Terror suspects detained in France had been eyeing up the Parisian metro network, an airport and the headquarters of the domestic intelligence service as possible targets, sources close to the investigation said. … Nine people were detained by police early Monday in a series of […]

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Sep 27 2005

Able Danger, Round Up, 09/27/05

The Able Danger story is heading towards a major juncture. MacRanger has information that indicates Weldon is possibly going to get the monies he has wanted to pursue some new data mining ideas. It will not necessarily be the resurrection of Able Danger type activities since it is clear these kinds of technical approaches are […]

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Sep 27 2005

Fly By 09/27/05

Sorry for being out of pocket folks. Family and work were filling my days recently. Rita and Katrina were very powerful storms which left a lot of destruction in their wakes. America will band together to assist the ravaged areas and our neighbors in need. The question is whether the media-formally-known-as-mainstream and the talking heads […]

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