Sep 29 2005

DeLay And Earle

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Watching the DeLay and Earle reactions I think too many bloggers and pundits live too much inside the beltway (which is really a hoot since I was born and raised there!). While I now live just outside the beltway (more house for the money), us ‘natives’ have been around this town long enough to know when issues aren’t making a dent the rest of the country.

First off, my initial reaction to Earle’s ‘big mistake’ is here – not much has changed. The politically obsessed say this is a big deal, a blow to republicans, etc. What hogwash.

We have a politician who is in possible legal trouble. That stopped being newsworthy a loooong time ago. Moreover, he is a congressman – we have hundreds of those to spare. Remember Rep Janklow from SD and how his legal problems were going to spell doom for the Reps trying to evict Daschle? Me neither. I had to google a bunch of things to get the right last name. Remember Randy ‘Duke” Cunningham and his problems?

Tom DeLay is a big name and power in DC. But outside DC he is ‘some kind of majority leader – whatever that is’. I saw this post on Powerline which made me want to comment on this nothing story:

I believe that the Democrats think they can get away with a filibuster because they have the Republicans on the run–nothing but bad news from Iraq (untrue, but that’s the impression you get from the media), the fiasco of Hurricane Katrina (also untrue, as we’re learning), Bush’s sagging poll numbers, etc. In order to lay the groundwork for their filibuster, the Democrats are doing everything they can to create an anti-Republican frenzy in the press. My guess is that the DeLay indictment is part of that effort.

As silly as that sounds, it sounds right. Because liberal democrats don’t have any contact with the real world anymore this would make sense in their warped reality. The elitists have so isolated themselves in their towers of superiority they have no interest in understanding ‘the masses’. Therefore I can see that kind of ‘logic’ emerging. All people who view strangers through caricatures come to these kinds of idiotic conclusions: “Those savages in the hinterlands couldn’t possibly see this as a desparate act by a partisan democrat!”.

After Clinton’s Impeachment, a congressman getting indicted is not news. A politician getting indicted is not news. A politician getting acquitted is not news and neither is one being found guilty. Sorry – not news.

Why? Well, we have so many more politicians than we have any use for – who cares? Either DeLay comes back (my prediction) or he is replaced. While this may seem like a big deal to many, to me and others it shouldn’t be. We as a people will survive if one of us falters or falls. Sorry to be cold hearted – but DeLay is either innocent or guilty. I put my faith in the process, I wish DeLay well, and I move on.

Folks, if the conservative cause is going to falter every time it is challenged, or it hits a rough patch, then it is not ready for prime time. I sincerely doubt this is the case since conservative values and ideas have been driving this country’s direction nearly all of my adult life. Since Reagan’s first term I have heard so many predictions of doom and gloom that I would be richer than Bill Gates if I had a dollar everytime conservatism was supposed to be on the rocks. We are ushering in the Roberts’ era of the Supreme Court, soon with another conservative justice to be added to the court. How is it we are about to crumble???

And because DeLay has some bogus indictment thrown at him by an incompetent partisan hack I am supposed to be seeing the coming of the end? Geez, I understand how desparate liberals need to grasp at these kinds of scenarios – what else do they have? But conservatives?

But while the sun shines, while we raise our kids to be good citizens, while we honor and respect each other the sacrifices made on our behalf, and while we take pride in this country, conservatives have nothing to worry about from the bitter left.

Buck up folks!

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  1. bill says:

    I live way outside the beltway, 1500 miles in round numbers. Tom who ??? is the response from the Home Depot checkout line.

    This is so inconsequential that most don’t even know what it is and very few more even care. As the cashier told me, “oh that’s supposed to be news, another Congressman doing funny things with campaign money”. She said, “when the Congressmen were allowed to cash checks and not pay it back, that got her attention”.

    See people do know what counts.

    This whole DeLay thing is dead on arrival with normal people.

  2. Bill in AZ says:

    I agree with what you say in your post. However, the Republicans in Congress seem to cower and run in fear, or make stupid “deals”, any time the MSM or some Democrat or Lib makes a noise. Witness RINO McCain trying to give away the juduciary recently, or the Senate giving Governor Blanco a complete pass on her failures yesterday, and countless other mindbending capitulations they have made to the libs. Come to think of it, has ANY Republican congresscritter come out publicly in defense of Bush, Iraq, Brown, FEMA (who did an outstanding job on Katrina by the way, in spite of MSM’s drivel) recently? Can’t think of one.

    MSM has had a powerful hold on this country for way too long. They are losing it – thanks to the Blogosphere and folks like you – and they know it. MSM noise will only get louder and more ridiculous, and they are starting to pull out all the stops as they lose their grip on the masses. Pulling out all the stops works too – witness even the conservative bloggers who have jumped all over FEMA and Brown, mostly because of MSM’s highly distorted influence. I do volunteer Search and Rescue, and I thought FEMA’s response was unprecedented to an unprecedented disaster.

    The problem is that the Republicans in Congress don’t seem to understand that we have their backs now as far as the MSM is concerned, so they continue playing the appeasement game whenever the MSM volume goes up. That’s what has worked before to make the noise go away and make the libs play nicey-nice. They don’t need to do that anymore, and they need to be told that.

    I have chucked my National Republican Congressional Committee donation letters – and I have told them why. When the Republicans grow a spine and earn the money, they will get it.

  3. Bill in AZ says:

    Speaking of Lib volume going up, just got a pre-recorded call telling me to call Rick Renzi to tell him to give back the tainted money he received via Tom Delay due to Delay’s indictment on federal conspiracy charges. The SOB’s have been planning this for a long time. I have seen other people reference similar calls they received today. It’s only going to get worse for a while until they marginalize themselves out of existence.

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