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Sep 17 2005

Able Danger, More Weldon, 09/17/05

I am not sure of the source of this, but it appears to be a transcript of Rep Weldon speaking to reporters, with all sorts of hints of what is to come: We’ve identified the woman at the FBI who set those three meetings up. She will testify under oath at the Senate hearing next […]

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Sep 17 2005

Able Danger, The Cole Too, 09/17/05

Interesting how much of a chess game is being played around this story this weekend in the news media. Weldon must be up against some big guns to be (a) challenged by the 9-11 Commission so brazenly and (b) to keep coming out with ever more stunning claims (which I am now betting he can […]

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Sep 17 2005

Able Danger Major Update, 09/17/05

Thanks to Top Dog and his comment to this post, we learn two things in this Fox News story. The first is the Pentagon is trying to close the hearings – which would be a big PR mistake. The Pentagon is pressuring the Senate Judiciary Committee to close to the public next week’s hearings on […]

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