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Sep 30 2005

From the Duh! Files

Folks, in a stunning break-through scientist have just figured out a major component in Global Warming. This new discovery will require a re-alignment of all the computer models to take into account something that before now escaped scientists’ attention. Folks, it is now known that a possible major factor in the warming of the Earth […]

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Sep 30 2005

Able Danger, Pentagon Coverup, 09/30/05

Up until today I was fairly sure the current Pentagon leadership would weather the Able Danger storm with style and finesse. I have had long admired Rumsfeld and others on their dealings with that behemoth of a bureaucracy. But today my respect and faith were shattered. Captain Ed posts on the story of the trumped […]

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Sep 30 2005

Plame Game – Judith Is Coming!

Just as it appears the Able Danger story may be slipping into the abyss of DC power plays, the Plame-Wilson show opens up with it’s fall season premiere! Judith Miller has decided to testify: udith Miller, the reporter for The New York Times who has been jailed since July 6 for refusing to testify in […]

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Sep 30 2005

Invest In Adult Stem Cell Therapies

Folks, I have been posting since this site came on line, and on political forums for years before that, Adult Stem Cell Therapies will prove to be much more successful than Embryonic Stem Cell solutions. The reasons are obvious to those of us who know biology and science (I myself hold a BS in Biology). […]

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