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Sep 12 2005

Red Crescent Symbol Of Jihad

Updates at the end, scroll down please. Michelle Malkin asks in this update post whether people watched the excellent Discovery Channel’s special Flight 93: The Flight That Fought Back and how they felt about the Flight 93 Memorial. The short answer is yes we did and it was excellent. And yes we discusssed the memorial. […]

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Sep 12 2005

Fly By 09/12/05

I have decided to start the “Fly By” posts, which will be a linkfest of interesting articles and posts for the day without a lot of commentary from myself. So, here is the first ‘Fly By’: Tony Blankley has the first of a three part series on Fanatical Islam, where it is headed and what […]

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Sep 12 2005

RINOs Sited Again!

Those roudy RINOs are raging this week at Fist Full Of Fortnights, and having a grand ‘ol time. Stop by and see what the raging is all about!

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