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Sep 15 2005

Able Danger, Weldon Strikes Back, 09/15/05

Rep. Weldon has responded to the 9-11 Commission’s brazen dismissal of Able Danger today: “For the 9/11 commission (search) to say that this did not exist is just absolutely outrageous. It’s a total denial of the facts,” said the Pennsylvania Republican. He also hints at some of the witnesses for next week’s hearings (during which, […]

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Sep 15 2005

Edith Jones Replacing O’Connor?

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Eric at Redstate has a post up hinting Judge Edith Jones is on the short list of candidates to fill O’Connor’s seat. I found this interesting tidbit for those like me who are not watchers of the courts and judges: If Judge Jones is nominated, then there is little question that opposition to her candidacy […]

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Sep 15 2005

Fly By 09/15/05

As some who have read my background know I am a private contractor working for NASA, and I really see a lot of satellite imagery. When I saw the NOAA picture of Katrina as it was coming up the Gulf of Mexico to Louisiana I stated then this would be the storm of the century. […]

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Sep 15 2005

Michael Brown Speaks Out

The NY Times tries to spin an interview with Michael Brown, formally Director of FEMA, as a negative hit on Bush for not taking control of the situation from the local screw ups sooner. Mr. Brown, then director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, said he told the officials in Washington that the Louisiana governor, […]

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