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Sep 13 2005

Able Danger, Fools Rush In, 09/13/05

UPDATE: Instead of burying this at the end of a terminally long post, let me thank Captain Ed Morrissey up front for the kind words and link to this post. I agree with his sentiment on Reason Magazine Reason usually does better than this. That was the short version of my reaction. Now for the […]

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Sep 13 2005

Carnival Of The Clueless

The Carnival of The Clueless is fast becoming one of the best Carnivals out there. Of course it helps when the Media and Pols are an unending source of cluelessness for bloggers to wonder at. Enjoy!

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Sep 13 2005

Fly By 09/13/05

I was all interested in the filibuster showdown and how it would play out, which is how I became an early member of the Coalition of The Chillin’. But Roberts seems to be sailing through confirmation, and even Dan Balz of the Washington Post sees it happening: The first day of confirmation hearings for Judge […]

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