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Oct 05 2008

Non-Embryonic Stem Cells CURE Cerebral Palsy

For those who are so math and science challenged they still believe Embryonic Stem Cells research is the next best thing to the Tooth Fairy, let me emphasize again the non-embryonic stem cell research from adult stem cells and infant cord cells is curing diseases today, while cells taken from killed human beings in their […]

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Oct 05 2008

The Failing McCain-Palin Campaign Still Drawing Record Crowds

Update: Well Obama tried, but Palin actually got a crowd of 30,000 in Carson CA, which is 50% more than Obama got in Asheville, NC. Update: It seems Obama was able to pull about 20,000 today at a rally in NC. Impressive – he is as good as Palin, which makes me wonder all the more […]

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Oct 05 2008

Political Industrial Complex Reacts To Palin – And Shows ITS Weakness

Two talking heads on NBC’s Meet The Press illustrated why Palin is the premier candidate in this race. Paul Begala tried to address Palin’s comments about Obama’s relationship to Bill Ayers, the unrepentant terrorist. Begala’s efforts to turn this around were laughable. He started by saying “guilt by association” would not work Bush-McCain, Bush-McCain, Bush-McCain). […]

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