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Oct 28 2008

McCain’s Internal Polls Looking VERY Good

McCain has allowed some of the campaign’s internal poll information to come out to the public – probably to give hope and energy to his base and generate some news.  I am sure both objectives will be achieved. Here are the more interesting tidbits: The campaign is functionally tied across the battleground states … with […]

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Oct 28 2008

Statistics Is Not Simple Math, And Opinion Polls Are Statistically Dodgy

When NASA or the DoD need to track a satellite we use multiple parallel models to account for gravity, solar pressure, the height and drag of the atmosphere (what little there is at orbital altitudes) and a variety of other models. We update the measurements in all these factors and run statistical models, weighting newer […]

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Oct 28 2008

The Nightly Bi-Poller Report For 10_28_08

Tonight I continue my monitoring of the two families of polls being produced this year by pollsters in order to provide our readers insight into how the presidential race is playing out based on two  different assumptions on turnout models. The tracking polls in the ‘traditional’ family use historic voting trends to weight things like […]

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Oct 28 2008

Gallup Stunner – Obama Down To 2% Lead Nationally!

Later tonight I will be doing the second “Nightly Bi-Poller Report” and it will be an interesting post because Gallup has come out today with a stunning poll for their ‘traditional’ (i.e., historically proven) turnout model: Even Gallup’s fanciful ‘Extended’ turnout model took a huge dip. The electorate is giving me gray hairs, but they […]

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Oct 28 2008

Wild Pew Poll

Pew has come out with another one of those fanciful polls assuming a never before seen historic edge in Democrat turnout models.  The bottom line is Pew has Obama up 15% nationally, but to pull this off Obama needs to see Democrats turnout ahead of conservatives and the GOP by a crazy 39%-24% edge – […]

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Oct 28 2008

Obama Compared America To Nazi Germany

I knew the 2001 audio tape of Obama lamenting the fact our Constitution doesn’t invite socialistic and marxist dogma to become law easily was not going to be good for The Messiah. I was also stunned that this Harvard educated lawyer (seems anyone can get one of those parchments) did not realize the Supreme Court […]

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Oct 28 2008

Democrat Women Come Out For Palin

I wanted to pass along an observation to the women of America that I hold dear, probably because I am the father of 3 wonderful young ladies who I want to see grow up to their full potential, whatever that is. I want them to be free to be who they are, and not be […]

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