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Oct 25 2008


Jay Cost posted a good tutorial on the mathematics of polls, but left one case out where statistical models start to show two different possible outcomes. These are called bimodal results, where there is no consensus on a single result, but actually two highly probably results are possible. A graph of a bimodal statistical model […]

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Oct 25 2008

Mad Jack Murtha To Be Sent Packing By The Voters

  Mad Jack Murtha has a special place in the liberal leftward fevered swamps – the man is border line insane. He accused fellow Marines of killing innocent Iraqis without any evidence or thought, and then did not have the backbone to apologize as one after another was cleared of the charges.  Lately Mad Jack […]

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Oct 25 2008

It’s All Ground Game Now

Something big is happening in Northern Virginia. I have been out of the country for a week and I came back home to the place I was born, raised and where I raised my family to find I did not recognize it. The area has become obsessed with the presidential election! There are signs everywhere […]

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