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Oct 27 2008

O-Bomba Blows – His Inner Socialist Comes Out

Update: As of 7:20 PM Eastern this audio tape has had just under 1.5 million runs on YouTube – the message is getting out! – end update Update from LJStrata – moving this back to the top post. Everyone must hear this radio show with BO in his own  voice. A tape from 2001 exposes […]

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Oct 27 2008

The Nightly Bi-Poller Report For 10_27_08

Well, since I noticed there are two families of polls out there, and only one family will be proven right next Wednesday, I have decided to take the RCP average for the national polls and split it into the “traditional” poll of polls and the “extended” poll of polls. My original posts on what the […]

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Oct 27 2008

The World Is Going Conservative Why Shouldn’t We Stay That Way?

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I know it is long but please watch this!! It shows how the world’s democracies are turning to conservative leaders. Why should we change that tactic since it seems to be the preferred point of view by the people of the world? Also watch closely the facts about the US economy and job growth compared […]

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Oct 27 2008

Internal Polls Show PA A Toss-Up?

I am just not sure about the news that PA is in play, but if it is then Obama surely cannot win, even if he takes VA. But here are some stories confirming both GOP and Dem internal polls showing PA is in play. Story one: Pennsylvania The one blue state McCain hopes to grab […]

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Oct 27 2008

3rd Early Voting Indicator National Polls May Be Way Off – Now 4th!

Major Update: DJ Drummond (another poll skeptic like me) has discovered another indication that the poll weighting of party for party ID are nonsensical and Obama may be in some serious trouble. Before I get to DJ’s analysis I want to address comments about early voting typically being led by Republicans. While true, early voting […]

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Oct 27 2008

Palin Verses Obama In Northern Virginia Shows Tight Race

Last week Senator Obama came to Northern Virginia – Leesburg to be exact. There he pulled a crowd of 10,000 people (though almost half left before he was even done speaking?). Today Governor Sarah Palin came to Leesburg, VA and also pulled a crowd of 10,000 people. A picture of the event this cold autumn […]

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