Oct 05 2008

Political Industrial Complex Reacts To Palin – And Shows ITS Weakness

Two talking heads on NBC’s Meet The Press illustrated why Palin is the premier candidate in this race. Paul Begala tried to address Palin’s comments about Obama’s relationship to Bill Ayers, the unrepentant terrorist. Begala’s efforts to turn this around were laughable. He started by saying “guilt by association” would not work Bush-McCain, Bush-McCain, Bush-McCain). He then went on to note some ultra conservative group from the 1980’s tied to McCain, which begs the question, did these fokls bomb anyone?

Addendum: How far as Bennedict Noonan crossed to the dark side? She wants to deck McCain for getting upset with totally bogus questions about Palin. I think by the end of this round table America was fed up with the Political Industrial Complex.

It was a joke and it probably backfired for those handful of people dumb enough to waste their morning watching the show.

Peggy Noonan came on later and went back into her uber-snobbery role again, asking why should any candidate try and be a ‘populist’. Like Obama is not running as a populist? You could smell the arrogance from Noonan (showing why the panel was all anti-Palin, and a classic example of inside the DC snobs). Noonan is an William Buckley wannabe, failing miserably. No attacks? She has put herself out to pasture.

One comment had LJStrata and I laughing.  When Palin was openly ignoring the questions in the debate, the panel recognized the ‘transparency’ of her intentions. We rubes out here in America applauded her “honesty”. The fact the Political Industrial Complex cannot distinguish between “transparency” and “honesty” you can see why America wants to throw the complete mess out.

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  1. sbd says:

    From Judicial Watch

    Obama served as Chairman of the Annenberg Challenge, a school program designed by William Ayers, a known domestic terrorist, for eight years (1995-2002). The documents include a fundraising letter signed by Obama requesting a $22,500 grant noting, “we [meaning the Annenberg Challenge] are launched.” Ayers is reported to have been the power running this group and Obama needs to better explain his contacts with him.