Oct 05 2008

The Failing McCain-Palin Campaign Still Drawing Record Crowds

Update: Well Obama tried, but Palin actually got a crowd of 30,000 in Carson CA, which is 50% more than Obama got in Asheville, NC.

Update: It seems Obama was able to pull about 20,000 today at a rally in NC. Impressive – he is as good as Palin, which makes me wonder all the more about the polls and the supposed huge lead Obama-Biden supposedly have. – end update

As I noted in a previous post, there is something seriously wrong with polls showing an Obama wave across the country, yet on the ground Palin still commands record crowds (without enlisting big name music groups like Obama does to pad his events). For a campaign on the ropes and supposedly losing in VA and FL, how is it Palin is out in CA and drawing crowds the state has NEVER seen before for a political rally:

Coming off a well-received debate performance with Democratic vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden, Palin is again proving to be a big draw on the campaign trail.

Yesterday’s rally in the tennis stadium of the Home Depot Center was attended by 20,000 people, with several thousand more in an overflow area in the parking lot, arena officials said.

Check out this AP picture of the event and tell me this is a campaign in a tail spin:

20,000 people in dark blue CA? And this was just Palin. Does anyone believe the nation has written off this woman? I am looking forward to seeing how many Obama draws in Asheville NC today. An initial glimpse of the ‘crowd’ gathering I see on TV today tells me he would be lucky to get 5-6,000.

Addendum: If Obama’s crowds are a facade built upon real draws like Springsteen (updated link above)then a lot of his support could also be as ethereal – which means the polls could be measuring something more akin to a hint than tangible reality. Another factor in recent polls may have been voters sending a polling message to the GOP: ‘vote for the bailout or we go with Obama‘. Now that the bailout has passed it could be that the electorate has gotten their message to the GOP and they are going to go back to backing their Mavericks. I still cannot fathom Obama’s being overwhelmingly in the lead yet Palin gathering the crowds and TV audience she does. 

I tell you what, if the next Obama-McCain debate falls short of the Palin-Biden debate numbers we should just throw all these polls in the trash.

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30 Responses to “The Failing McCain-Palin Campaign Still Drawing Record Crowds”

  1. BarbaraS says:

    People in the Obama nation are so committed to this man there is nothing they won’t do in order for him to win. It is like a cult and he can do no wrong. For instance, The FBI and the DOJ won’t investigate his campaign donations after the guy overseeing it asked them to. State, County and city officials are forming truth squads to harass anti Obama voters. The media of course is thoroughly in the tank for him. Trolls are appearing more than ever on righty blogs to put doubt in conservatives’ minds. Obama has asked the DOJ to investigate and force McCain ads off the air. Every critism of Obama is called racist. Why would anyone doubt that the poll takers are not also in the tank for this guy also? Aren’t they all democrats? And even if that is not true the republicans are not called the silent majority for nothing. I know that I look at my caller ID and if I don’t recognize the number I will not answer it. And if it says unknown name and unknown number I definitely will not answer it. I just don’t believe the polls. They have been wrong too many times.

  2. lurker9876 says:

    I see that the Team Obama is going to go after McCain and Keating Five.

  3. breschau says:

    –Shorter AJ:–

    If polls don’t agree with me (even the Repub-biased polls in RCP that I rely upon to spread my partisan lies, dammit!), then TEH POLLS ARE WRONG!

    –end Shorter AJ–

    Face facts, folks – y’all are going to lose. And y’all are going to lose BIG. This is going to be one of those “we need to wait for Ohio” or “we need to wait for Florida” votes… you are done. Toast.

    Don’t believe me? Then go visit any post on hotair.com by Allahpundit. Listen to your fellow Repubs bemoaning your fate.

    Eh – sucks to be you.

  4. sbd says:

    breschau, your October surprise will be coming soon…SBD

  5. crosspatch says:

    breschau, I believe that on the eve of the last election the polls had Kerry 7 points ahead.

  6. AJStrata says:


    When you shorten my post and ignore the evidence I postulate it is really you who are denying some facts. I have posted the polls could be true, but the crowd sizes and donation records on the GOP side indicate they may not be.

    Its called objective analysis, you Obama Youth Squad types wouldn’t understand, it is not in your educational training.

  7. AJStrata says:


    Good! Then like the Taliban and al-Qaeda the Obamabots will have overstepped the comfort zone of the people and self destructed.

    May they go insane in their rage – it will be their end.

  8. VinceP1974 says:

    I live in the political heart of Chicago, a neighborhood called Bridgeport.

    On my block are two McCain yard signs and no other.

  9. DJStrata says:

    McCain-Palin are coming back to VA!! Lets see what happens next week. Can they still get the same numbers as the fairfax rally? I bet they can get more, at least in VA Beach.

  10. bush_is_best says:

    Brescheu is unfortunately, wrong. Just enough people are afraid of Obama, so even though he comes across infinitely more qualified for the job than the super senior and the hockey mom, its not job qualifications the GOP promotes. They preach hate and fear better than the Dems do… and facts that might be counterproductive to their own campaign? deny them or don’t mention them, because the base does not care… people care about themselves and their money more than anything else, plain and simple. Democrats will put forward a better candidate every time, because the best republicans are running companies, not countries. Preaching logic and change and telling the truth will get you close, but hate and fear and greed wrapped up in ‘values’ and ‘patriotism’ will get you closer. Plus, its possible to manipulate battleground polling locations, which the democrats would never even consider doing, in care it gets too close… and even if you win the closest election in history, no worries, just govern as if you won in a landslide…

  11. blue2244 says:

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