Feb 15 2008

In Time Of War Dems Pushing To Investigate Americans, But Not Terrorists

This nation is fed up with hyper-partisan crap, especially attempts to smear the other party for simply exercising what has been normal government power. To illustrate that the Surrendercrat Party is still not a mature or serious offering of leadership the Democrat Congress is going to do two things this week: (1) they targeted US officials with criminal actions for executing their duties in a time of war, and (2) they are letting lapse our surveillance protections that monitor al-Qaeda and their ilk to detect their attack plans here (and they are telling the world they are doing so).

The first act is a ginned up ploy to exploit the fact Bush changed some Federal prosecutors out when he took his second term – 8 to be exact. To the conspiracy nuts that now infect the left with their insanity this is akin to treason because some prosecutors did released were not following up on corruption cases (and therefore protecting dems?).

Conyers said he had already discovered “plenty of evidence of wrongdoing at the Department of Justice. He said officials made the decision to fire attorneys on the basis of whether they had pursued public corruption charges against Democratic government officials.

The logic of this act is as idiotic as it is delusional. Conyers is saying Bush officials should be investigated because they fired people protecting corrupt democrats from prosecution. The concept is pure BS, but it looks to the casual observer that Conyers is admitting those Dems did something wrong and are now exposed to the laws of this country, and that is why he wants to investigate US officials? Hiding Congressman from investigation while screaming about the need to investigate corruption is foolish – so let Conyers go. This Congress, which has approval ratings at historic low, clearly can fall a little farther into their cesspool. The ads should start coming out now about the hypocrisy of their double standard.

And then there is the disarming of our national defense because, if a vote was held today to continue to protect Americans in the same manner we have been ever since 9-11, the Dems would lose that vote. That is there ‘rational’ to an irrational act, they would lose a democratically held vote expressing the will of the people through their duly elected representatives. The dems can have none of that! This is a variant on their run-away trick they played in TX, when they were going to lose the vote on redistricting and so the Dems ran from the state and barred a minimum quorum. While that was a stunt, this new act borders on treason.

Ed Morrissey noted yesterday that the excuses the Dems gave for why it was OK to let Bin Laden’s sleeper cells run free for a time were ludicrously naive (or deliberately dangerous – take your pick):

They would have to revert to the old language about American switches, which means that foreign-to-foreign intercepts attained through telecom equipment in the US would have to have warrants as well. That decision by the FISA court precipitated the original FISA reform language, in which the Democrats put the sunset rule that has now been extended numerous times while Congress gets its act together.

As for the notion that somehow nothing will change because we can still track all of the existing groups in the same way we have (which is not true anyway), all that does is encourage terrorists to form new groups to exploit a very, very stupid loophole. What if al-Qaeda just splinters into completely new groups? Why not reorganize so that none of the existing groups technically exist after Saturday, forcing the NSA to waste time on new findings for each of the new groups?

It’s worse than that. Much of the changes in the new laws were made to adjust to the brave new world of the internet and the digital information age. Morrissey has only hit the tip of the iceberg. First off, not that the Dems have alerted the world to a date certain when they will lower our defenses. al-Qaeda will move while our defenses are lowered, they have no choice. They won’t get a better opportunity for years to come.

So what can they do? Well name changing is the least of the actions they can take. Jihadis run their messages through websites which can even be hosted here in the US for a time if needed (provides them some added protection from the surveillance laws). New sites under new owners will require time for new warrants. A few hundred should do the trick to hide the one or two actual ones. They can also tap into their reserve of unused and untraceable pre-paid cell phones. In combination with changing location and name overseas they now have a wealth of communications paths open to them now that warrants are required to save and analyze data to see if there is a threat there. Use the phones once or twice – toss it away and use the next one. While NSA is trying to get warrants on newly named outfits the terrorist will freedom to act as long as their actions under one configuration are short enough.

FISA was never meant to stop the monitoring of enemies overseas plotting to kill us – but democrats want to wage wars through courts. It is such an immature and naive concept you have to wonder why they are so damn suicidal – and why the hell do they need to take the rest of us down with them. One word of warning for the Democrats – because they need to pay attention. This will only be said by me once. We’re going to have another Braer Rabbit moment with the briar patch.

The way to destroy the Dems on national security is to let the law laps, and then continue monitoring under executive order. This will be in violation of the wishes and directions of the two branches of government who do not wage war or secure this nation from outside attack. Though they want those powers (clearly from this idiotic political battle) they do not have them. And so once this constitutional showdown is up and the Congress and Courts start screaming the administration simply declassifies enough of the intel we have now on active and past threats and leaves it to the American people to decide who has THEIR interests at heart.

Surrendercrats – it is time you do what you do best – surrender. Surrender on this issue now before you pay a political price you and your Presidential candidates will never recover from. Sadly, I think your juvenile outlook on the serious matters of life will make it impossible for you to ever understand the depravity of your actions. Don’t risk my family and expect me (or others) to site idly by and let you do it. Won’t happen. Juvenile ignorance is no excuse to risk the lives of Americans, and so I hope the administration takes full advantage of this suicidal act of political opportunism. We need to set an example that no one can play games with American lives for political purposes. Losing their credibility is the least punishment for something many would consider outright treason.

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5 Responses to “In Time Of War Dems Pushing To Investigate Americans, But Not Terrorists”

  1. dave m says:

    Such superb timing by the Democrats!
    What happened this week? The biggest terrorist in the world
    got blown up in Damascus, by somebody smart enough to
    slip through all of the Syrian goon squads.
    His name was Imad Fayez Mughniyeh. In terms of lethal
    effectiveness, he was probably bigger than Bin Laden.
    Muggy went back 25 years but in the present organized
    all three branches of the Iraq “insurgencies” under the direction
    of Iran. Yes, all three. That’s the “Sunni insurgents”,
    “the Shiite Sadarists”, and “al-kyder in Iraq”. Yup – what our useless
    media call the “civil war” was the work of this one guy.
    He’s gone now, and he left no successor in place.
    Iran is seriously seriously p!ssed. Iran has told Syria to tell
    Hizzybollah to activate their sleeper cells around the world.
    War on Israel is imminent, but strikes against America are likely
    too. Since Muggy was killed Tuesday night, one could reasonably
    expect orders to be going out now, except thanks to the
    Democrats, they might wait until Friday.
    What part of “Doh” don’t you get?
    Stupid stupid stupid democrats. When attacks happen, and they
    will, they’ll blame it on Bush. Big Bird would have surrendered by

  2. Terrye says:

    I honestly do not know what the Democrats are thinking. They can not accomplish anything by doing this.

  3. crosspatch says:

    The Democrats are simply despicable people. No wonder the approval rating of the Democrat congress is lower than Bush’s.

    Think people will vote out their incumbents, though? Probably not. And that is the saddest thing of all. “CHANGE” should begin with a change in congress. Vote the bastards out.

  4. MerlinOS2 says:


    They are simply pandering to the nutroots FDL and Kos and the more left blogs are simply overjoyed in their reactions and don’t seem to want to grasp the actual impact of the inaction by the House on this bill.

  5. MerlinOS2 says:

    Andrew McCarthy gets it right

    According to top Democrats, the expiration of the Protect America Act (PAA) when the clock strikes midnight is no big deal. Our ability to monitor foreign threats to national security, they assure us, will be completely unaffected.

    This is about as dumb a talking point as one can imagine. And it is just as demonstrably false.

    Think for a moment about Tuesday’s crucial Senate bill overhauling our intelligence law that Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to allow the House to consider before recessing Friday — for a vacation. (Democrats evidently had no time for national security, having exhausted themselves on such cosmic matters as a baseball pitcher’s alleged steroid use and unenforceable, unconstitutional contempt citations in a stale investigation into something that wasn’t a crime and that no one but MoveOn.org cares about any longer).