Feb 11 2008

Huckabee’s Boomlet Is Over, Can Conservatives Lose Gracefully?

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Want to know who will win the VA, MD and DC GOP primaries handily? It won’t be Huckabee, it will be McCain. The polls show McCain romping in these states who will vote tomorrow see (RCP polls for VA and MD). So when Huckabee is blown out of the South in VA will the delusional fantasies of a Huckabee Boom to stop McCain finally end the conservative revolt? Peggy Noonan asked last week if Hillary can lose graciously – but I want to know if conservatives can?

The conservative revolt against George Bush and any progress that even hinted at bipartisan sanity (e.g., The Gang of 14 which I and my fellow members in the Coalition of The Chillin’ accurately predicted would not be a disaster for the GOP, but would instead lead to the long string of conservative judges Bush was able to put on the Federal Benches around this country). This anathema against progress became more and more heated through from the nomination of Harriet Miers to Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

The hyper-partisan right (e.g., ‘true’ conservatives) declared open warfare against their one time coalition allies and predicted victory in their war with moderates (a.k.a RINOs, quislings and traitors). Now that it is clear they are losing the battle for the heart and soul of the GOP with the ascendency of John McCain, will these people lose graciously? I ask them to picture what they wanted to see in their defeated political foes if they had won. Did they want support and respect and backing in their cause? If so, do they not think they owe that kind of response to their one-time allies if they lose the battle? I have my doubts, but I can easily be proven wrong.

Update: So it seems Gary Bauer has shown how to prove me wrong:

Conservative Gary Bauer is endorsing Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

The prominent abortion foe says in a statement that McCain “has dedicated his life to defending human rights around the world, including the rights of the unborn.” The McCain campaign released Bauer’s statement.

Can the Amnesty Hypochondriacs prove me wrong as well? This is the week to find out. BTW, my prediction on Huckabee’s challenge to the WA caucus is that he will lose.

The state Republican party posted new numbers late this afternoon, with 93 percent of the precincts reporting. The percentages didn’t change much, with McCain winning about 25 percent of the delegates, Huckabee 24 percent, Paul 21 percent, and Romney 17 percent.

I suspect the WA GOP knew where the remaining votes were and who was going to win. The fact Huckabee went to court tells me this is a lot to do with media coverage, since his ‘miracle’ chances are slim.

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26 Responses to “Huckabee’s Boomlet Is Over, Can Conservatives Lose Gracefully?”

  1. jb_ says:

    “McCain won “BECAUSE’ of his ideas and stances”

    McCain won because the MSM and the Republican elite put their finger on the balance.

    If you think otherwise, you’re naive.

    And AJ, you really oughta pick one narrative and stick to it.

    Either conservative “elites” can’t decide an election or they can.

    I guess bipartisan sanity means somewhere in between center-right and Brezhnev with a smile.

    That’s what happens when you allow your country’s enemies to decide where one of the ends is.

  2. Left,

    Reluctant vote it is. Keep up the good work!

  3. Dc says:

    If you went by MSM, McCain would have been done a LONG time ago. It was Romney who seemed the “ordained” pick of the “elites”. He ran his whole campaign as if he was entitled to the nomination and everybody else was stealing it from him. That didn’t help him either.

  4. antimedia says:

    First of all, I am not a Republican, so I’m not under any obligation to vote for the Republican nominee, other people’s delusions notwithstanding.

    AJ, I’ve already told you that I’ve called some Republicans RINOS – because that’s what they are – not because I disagreed with them. For example, I would never call Bush a RINO, because he isn’t. McCain – he’s a RINO for sure, as are Snowe and a few others. It’s not hard to spot RINOs, AJ. They vote with the Democrats and against constitutional government on crucially important issues. You know, like McCain-Feingold, McCain-Kennedy, the gang of 14, etc., FISA, etc.

    WRT immigration, I was deeply discouraged by Bush’s position as well as McCain’s. I think they are both sadly mistaken about what Americans want. But the only people I have called traitors are the leftists who have betrayed America. (Like Jane Fonda.) But the idea that I can’t disagree with Bush or McCain without being disloyal is silly beyond description. (I’m not sure why all this matters to you, but you asked.)

    Did I miss the point of your post? Let’s see. You think, because McCain is the presumptive nominee, everyone should roll over and play puppy dog, because, well gee, the future of America and a Republican winning the Presidency is waaayy more important than any supposed principles you might think you have.

    Is that about it?

    To those who tout endorsements – I could care less who endorsed whom. I’m not impressed by endorsements at all. I’m impressed by actions. McCain’s actions tell me that I can’t trust him to lead America the way I want America to be lead.

    So tell me again – why should I vote for McCain?

  5. AJStrata says:

    Yep antimedia, you missed the point of the post. No coalition doesn’t need self destructive allies, so the true test of an American is how they deal with losing – not winning.

    I could care less if you vote for McCain, but if your fit of frustration means suicide voting or non-voting then your in that category of voter that is best described as ‘don’t bother – not worth the effort’.

    And I am sure your logic can figure out why that would be the case. If every time the GOP disagreed with me I sat home would I be worth their time?

  6. antimedia says:

    What the hell is “losing” in the context of voting? If it’s all about winning and losing, then why have any principles at all? And why would you think I’m having a “fit of frustration” when that’s not the case at all? I haven’t missed an election since I was eligible to vote (which was quite a while ago), but I don’t vote for people I don’t believe will be good for America. Hillary, Obama and McCain all fit into that category.

    This country would be a lot better off if everyone voted for the best person for the job rather than the lesser of two evils.

    There are other alternative besides Republican and Democrats, you know. The parties have you convinced (along with millions of other fools) that they are the only choices because it’s all about winning and losing rather than what’s best for the country. The results speak for themselves.