Feb 08 2008

Hannity’s Afternoon Meltdown

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Boy, oh boy. Something is happening with the ‘true’ conservatives on AM Talk Radio. I tuned into Hannity see what had happened today and the guy just went off on what can only be described as a lick-spittle tirade! Apparently Rich Galen wrote a piece today and noted how conservatives tearing down McCain is basically doing the liberal media’s work for them. It is a fair if slightly exaggerated point to make, especially after years of the right tearing down El Presidente Jorge Bush for disagreeing with them.

But something inside Hannity snapped over this and he was in the throws of insanity. He claimed those who question his actions are pompous, arrogant, hanger-ons who are simply trying to angle for jobs in the new administration and have sold their principles for money. And he was just getting started! The most hilarious (and pathetic) part came where he declared himself and other angry and raving talk show hosts the future of America! You could almost see him stand up and salute himself.

Clearly Hannity and his sharp-tongued friends are not as able to take criticism as they are at dishing it out (with insults and demeaning undertones). Geez, it was just one man’s view of the coalition self-destructing. I think what was most bizarre was how he kept trying to claim he was upbeat and things were great through out his tirade (Dude, there was so much anger and hurt I don’t know who you think you are kidding?). He also started the whole thing by claiming he got all these media calls today – as if to prove to himself he is still relevant. He then went on to say he had the power of the airwaves and people in DC better be careful or he would close their access. The threats were really something else and went on for quite a while.

I am not saying he is not relevant, but his emotional implosion was for the history books. It was sad on many levels, one of which is he was scheduled to have Gen Petraeus on to give an update on Iraq – but who could sit through an hour or more of this man’s mental meltdown and wait for something newsworthy? If he keeps this up he will be irrelevant and fast.

So that is enough on the symptoms we heard today, what was the cause? Haven’t got a clue. But it is something big and clearly shook Hannity up.

I will note this, though. I am seeing shades of Lieberman and Lamont here. Recall Lieberman was attacked by the rabid left for being a traitor, etc on the Iraq war. The dems took him out in the primary and the voters stuck him back in office in a landslide (for a 3 way race) in the general election. It was a clear repudiation of the fringe left.

The far right, as it inches closer or leaps over the cliff, is repeating this scenario with John McCain. They are claiming McCain cannot win without them, but bashed him and his followers (I am not one of course, though I see a lot of potential in a hero-patriot candidate). I am certain the far left felt the same way with Lieberman. The American people are intelligent and have minds of their own, and they don’t take well to brow-beaters. Hannity is one example (Levin is even worse) of where the conservative movement went off track. The movement is not dead, maybe it is just shedding the latest malcontents?

I agree with Rush Limbaugh on one point – the GOP and conservative movement will never be the same. I would assume we will see the end of anger wrapped in the mantle of Reagan lashing out at the GOP allies pretty soon. The people are not only not buying it, they are rejecting it – big time.

Sorry, but a I can’t resist this one: Sean, calm down. Or as I would say: Take chill pill.

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  1. owl says:

    Warning: close your ears Klint. I think AJ truly must have noted a meltdown. As I said, I don’t listen to Hannity on the radio but watch him most nights and I noticed him struggling the night before.

    Things are clearer this morning. You read it all over but I do better when I see it. It is the contempt for Bush that keeps coming through. I like to read Steyn but today, the contempt is there. Perhaps I have given Malkin too much credit.

    If the Left has Obama to lead them out of the wilderness, the Right has found their own. I thought he had backed off some, but no. Last night Ingraham and Newt had their very own lovefest. She gushed and he said he wanted to adopt some of her talking points. He said he should have been more critical of Bush (NYT?) and Ingraham said that she had been critical. It is contempt. Ingraham called Reagan and Newt the true conservatives. She lumped them in the same breath. They do not care to be called Republicans.

    Yep, game’s on. They intend to either take over the Party or leave it. 2012? It is the contempt that turned us off in the first place. BTW, Steyn mentioned that he was with Ingraham between speeches at APAC. Ingraham had stars in her eyes and was almost drooling over Newt. Obamaish.

  2. ivehadit says:

    Great post, Mike!

    And Terrye, I want to caution about Obama. I was a leader in one of the groups in another city that uses the Alinsky model of people coming together of all faiths, religions and races to make a difference. Obama was a leader in Chicago, I believe, where Wright is the minister that gave an award to Farrakhan.

    Imho, Obama displays all the elements of what we learned. There is a bigtime revolutionary agitant under that smooth talk of Obama. Trust me. You will NOT like what he *really* wants to say.

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