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Jul 17 2007

Iraqis Look To US For Protection

With al-Qaeda Islamo Fascist on a killing spree against Iraqis Muslims in order to make the US news shows and send a signal to Congress to hurry up and get Bush to surrender before al-Qaeda is decimated, it is no surprise Iraqis are now turning to the US to help stop these fanatical madmen. And […]

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Jul 17 2007

Iraq Is Turning As al-Qaeda Is Decimated, But Dems Keep Bloodshed Alive

Politicians who want to end the Iraq war need to read this post to the end So all the armchair experts in DC and NY are not omnipotent, nor do they have the ability to experience the reality of Iraq from half a world away. No big surprise there. It is just a shock how […]

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Jul 17 2007

Is New York City As Lost As Iraq?

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Those who deny things are changing dramatically in Iraq need to sit down and ask themselves why they are hanging onto defeat at all costs. The signs abound that Iraq is stabilizing. The massacres of Muslims that al-Qaeda and the Mahdi Malitia inflict are because Iraq is the primary front in the global war against […]

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