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Jul 06 2007

Jihadist Leaders Have College Degrees And Financial Opportunity

Everyone knows al-Qaeda’s leader, Osama Bin Laden, came from an extremely wealthy family that runs one of the Middle East’s largest construction companies. But one of the myths of the western media is the root cause of Islamo Fascism is the poverty and lack of opportunity in the Middle Eastern, Muslim countries. The fact is […]

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Jul 06 2007

Scientific Proof Our Planet Was Warmer Than Now, And It Was Normal

Al Gore’s timing is pathetic. He is out promoting his wild-eyed, unscientific thoughts on Global Warming as more and more evidence mounts that the man-made Global Warming canard is an incomplete and inaccurate picture. Now we have clear evidence that it is normal for Earth to cylcle between much broader ranges of temperatures than we […]

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