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Jul 20 2007

NY Times Bureau Chief Says US Critical To Iraq Stability

I am off for a bit of a vacation weekend, so my apologies if comments get stuck in the spam queues. But I will leave knowing some at the NY Times finally see the light and realize America is playing a critical role in stabiltizing Iraq and inhibiting violence: Well, I think, quite simply that […]

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Jul 20 2007

What Is Really Happening In Iraq

Needless to say the SurrenderMedia is not interested in Iraq because they are obsessed with reporting what is happening in Congress about Iraq than what is happening in Iraq. As if the lense of Congress can shed clarifying light onto the Iraq situation. Congress tends to be more fiction than fact, hyperbole than insight, and […]

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Jul 20 2007

The Polonium Wars

Well now that the Russians have booted out British diplomats in retaliation for the UK deporting Russian diplomats there seems to be nowhere for this idiotic dance to go. But there are some interesting, if nuanced, changes in the air. First off Russia has finally used the word ‘suspect’ when referring to Andre Lugovoi. There […]

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Jul 20 2007

Where Do These Lunatics Come From?

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I swear this world is slowly being polluted with some form of hallucinogen because too many people have become psychotically paranoid. Take this nutcase for example, who used to work for Reagan and now thinks we need to impeach Bush and Cheney BEFORE they take steps to turn America into a dictatorship: A former Reagan […]

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