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Jul 09 2007

Syrian Stupidity

The best way to make sure a tough Republican President is elected in 2008 is for Syria (and possibly Iran-Hezbollah) to start a war with Israel: Well-informed sources in Washington fear a confrontation between Syria and Israel may happen this summer. The sources say that Syrian intelligence is abuzz with activity reports of an imminent […]

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Jul 09 2007

Sunni Insurgents Slap Down al-Qaeda’s Senseless Brutality

I posted yesterday that al-Qaeda had become so blood-thirsty it decided to slaughter innocent Muslim in a small, quiet Iraqi village to achieve some major press time. I predicted this would rebound badly on al-Qaeda with the Iraqi and Muslim ‘street’. It did not take long for Sunni extremists to publically slap down al-Qaeda’s senseless […]

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