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Jul 30 2007

Liberal, Democrat, Muslim Congressman Begged To Fight al-Qaeda

Keith Ellison has been a real challenge for the Democrats. Being the first US Congressman who is also a Muslim America gave him a chance to represent a different side of Islam than that protrayed so vividly on 9-11. Sadly he has failed as he has fallen for the “Bush did 9-11” silliness that pervades […]

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Jul 30 2007

Polonium’s Close Radioactive Cousin Americium Found In Ship Graveyards

Here is a bit of disturbing news right that relates to the Litvinenko death by radiation poisoning in November of last year. A close deadly cousin of Po-210, the substance that killed Litvinenko and was found all over London and which poisoned many other people (including two Russian businessmen), is the element Americium-241 (Am-241). It […]

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Jul 30 2007

NY Times: We Can Win In Iraq

In order to find out what is really happening in Iraq the NY Times did something novel (for the media, not for the NY Times which has had reporters in country defying the SurrenderMedia’s message machine) – they went to Iraq. And what did they find? They found DC and NY are disconnected from reality: […]

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Jul 30 2007

The Purging Of al-Qaeda In Iraq

One of many stories that are being seen across Iraq as the brutal terrorism of al-Qaeda is being purged from the country step by step. ANBAKIA, Iraq – Two key towns were held captive by a terrorist threat in the Diyala province, effectively blocking a supply route for many citizens in the Diyala River Valley. […]

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Jul 30 2007

Liberals Complain Over Data Mining Of Public Data

Do you think it should be illegal for our government to use Yahoo or Google to search for information that may expose an attack here in the US? It is a basic fundamental question. These search engines use sophisticated and proprietary SW to rapidly run through the billions of pages of information now out on […]

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