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Jul 19 2007

Plame’s Lame Blame Game

Seems Plame’s Lame Blame did not pass the laugh test with a federal judge: A federal judge on Thursday dismissed former CIA operative Valerie Plame’s lawsuit against members of the Bush administration in the CIA leak scandal. H/T Drudge. I actually am disappointed. I felty the civil trial would allow Libby and those who are […]

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Jul 19 2007

Peruvian Underground Railroad For Smuggling Iraqis Into America

It seems Iraqis have been attempting to set up an underground railroad to sneak themselves into the US – clearly for nefarious reasons: A criminal ring attempting to smuggle Iraqis into the United States has been busted in Lima, Peru, U.S. law enforcement officials tell the Blotter on At least 10 Iraqis have been […]

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Jul 19 2007

More Movement In Iraq

Just some events in Iraq which may not be hitting the headlines. Both the Sunni bloc and Sadr’s Mahdi bloc in Iraq’s parliament have both ended their boycots, showing a resurgency of support for the Iraqi government. Hopefully the time off from the heat of the debate will bring cooler heads and progress to the […]

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Jul 19 2007

US Intel Overthinking Iraq/al-Qaeda Relationship

Is al-Qaeda guiding, funding and coordinating insurgent operations in Iraq? Yes. Are Islamo Fasicsts in Iraq guiding, funding and coordinating activities in Iraq? Of course. When allies work together they do things together and they do things independently. Sadly our intel folks are overthinking the relationship and trying to define pointless nuances: Brig. Gen. Kevin […]

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Jul 19 2007

What The Democrats Delayed Could Have Saved Lives Of Americans In Iraq

Want to know what repeated, useless debate in the Senate by Surrendercrats accomplished? It delayed the building and deployment of life saving material like the MRAP vehicle, which I posted about back in April. Back in April I noted the hypocricy of the Surrendercrats who demanded these vehicles be deployed but then held up the […]

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Jul 19 2007

The UK, Berezovsky And Polonium 210

I have been debating this post for a day as the coincidences in news reporting regarding Berezovsky and Litvinenko and Lugovoi have just become too much to ignore. The B Movie nature of the latest events has had me wondering what in the world is going on with this case. First we had a barman […]

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