May 10 2007

Big News In Iraq – Diyala Turns Against Al Qaeda

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The Democrat’s and al Qaeda’s worst nightmares apparently are taking shape in Iraq’s Diyala’s Province. The model of success seen in what was the insurgent/al Qaeda stronghold of Anbar Province is now taking shape in Diyala as the Arab/Muslim street is rising up – against al Qaeda!:

Arab tribesmen in Baquba have said they will form a tribal alliance to cleanse the Diyala province of foreign fighters and those of the al-Qaeda terrorist network in Iraq, pan- Arab al-Hayat newspaper reported Thursday.

Tribesman Sheikh Wameed al-Jabouri told al-Hayat that a number of tribes had signed a cooperation agreement to undertake this mission and to bring the city back to how ‘it used to be.’ The agreement could be considered ‘a national charter’ that proves their rejection of the actions of the terrorist groups, al-Jabouri said.

The Arab tribes in Baquba called on US forces in Iraq not to interfere with their plans. Deputy governor of Diyala province Sheikh Dari Fahd al-Assadi said ‘the US forces committed fatal mistakes in handling the security situation in Baquba.’

We have the “civil war” we wanted in Iraq. We have the moderates fighting the Islamo Fascists. We have been told to back off and let them take care of security. This is great news. It means the Surge could produce the stability needed because the Sunni’s and others who have given al Qaeda and their ilk sanctuary to kill and maim are now changing sides (to a degree). What this means is the picture presented of Anbar and Diyala in the coming months will be one of huge progress and success.

It is now almost a fate compli the Bush administration will have the examples of Anbar and Diyala to show that their shift in strategy produced results. It will not win the war outright, but it will put the lie to the claim “the war is lost”. And it will cement the Surrendercrat’s as losers and dangerously naive (or politically greedy – take your pick) when it comes to the war on terror. Thanks to Reid and Kucinich and others, the Surrendercrats only succeed if we fail, and fail miserably if we succeed. This turn in Diyala could be a mortal political blow to the Dems. Heck, just the fact the locals are allying against al Qaeda is sufficient to end all talk of running away. When the ME starts taking up arms against al Qaeda we need to be there supporting them and helping in any way we can. As well as being grateful to these people to some degree.

Update:: Picture this statement as part of a Bush administration case that we have had success in the heart of the Iraq insurgency:

heikh Majd Suleiman, head of the Al-Duleim tribes in Al-Anbar, has accused Al-Qaeda in Iraq of “fighting the residents of the country, not the Americans” and called the organization “a cancer in our land.”

He added that in light of the indiscriminate attacks that Al-Qaeda had carried out, the tribes in Al-Anbar had decided to fight against it.

Think the Dems can convince America this is not progress? America is looking for any sign of progress. They secretly hope Reid is wrong. Actually, by 55-35 they BELIEVE Reid is wrong.

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  1. Soothsayer says:

    AJ – your statistical illiteracy is showing. First it was meters and inches, now its polling stats.

    The poll you are referring to says that 35% approve of Congress and 55% don’t approve. But keep in mind that Congress is only about 51% Democratic representatives.

    In your world, a 55% disapproval means that 55% must disapprove of Democrats. That is simply not the case.

    In October of 2006, when your Warpublicans controlled Congress, the approval level was at 25%, so approval of Congress is actually UP since the Democrats took over.

    Much of the residual disapproval is still be aimed at the do-nothing Warpublicans in Congress, who if they had any sense would have helped the Democrats override Bush’s veto of desperately needed funding for out troops in the field.

    Keep in mind – the first Warpublican who calls for the impeachment of George Walker Bush will be a national hero – and the avalanche shall begin.

  2. AJStrata says:


    Don’t try fractions – it’s embarrassing to watch.

  3. scaulen says:

    Hmmm. Since the Dems run Congress, and the polls are usually heavy polled on the Democratic side then the approval rating should be much higher then 35% don’t you think???? I mean the Democrats are the party of the people, and they were put in power to do the will of the people, but now the people are not to happy with them. And since as you have said it is a Democratic congress, then the 35% approval rating belongs to the Dems.

  4. Soothsayer says:

    I’d say that Warpublicans so polluted Congress with their refusal to perform Constitutionally mandated oversight that it may take a while to clean up the stench they left behind.

    The facts are that Congress had a 25% approval rate in 2006; its up to 35% now, an increase in approval of approximately 1/3.

    The scary question for Warpublicans is how bad will the drubbing be in ’08, with another 1/3 of their Senatorial seats up for grabs?

  5. scaulen says:

    No the scary thing for the Democrats will be how many more blue dog Dems will get seats. I have no problem if they are called Democrats, just as long as they vote away from the lunatic fringe you call home. It should be real interesting in 08 Republican President, lots of blue dog Dem’s, usual suspects for the Republicans, and the lunatic left pushed into the corner. If I were certain Dem’s I’d be sweating a more conservative Democratic party, that might actually not protect them from some inquiries into lots of shady misdeeds. cough Reid, cough Clinton, cough Pelosi, cough Murtha, cough Jefferson.