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Nov 29 2006

Why The Airplanes And Polonium?

Major Update: Contrary to some reporting, the flights of interest go well beyond the Moscow to London flights. – end update Why was Polonium possibly found on two airpplanes? Well, one quick answer to the Airplanes (which I hinted at in this recent post on Mario Scaramella and his lack of contamination) is these are […]

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Nov 29 2006

Two New Sites Were Contaminated?

I posted earlier that the two latest sites suspected of contamination were clean (the Sheraton Park Lane and 58 Grosvenor Street), which cleaned up the timeline and made it possible for the Sushi Bar where Litvinenko met Scaramelle to be the original source of the contamination. Well now it seems there are reports going the […]

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Nov 29 2006

Pouty Webb

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Typical Pouty James Webb – no wonder Reagen fired the buffoon. The guy lacks an ounce of class or maturity.

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Nov 29 2006

Scaramella Clean – Now

The problem with Scaramella being determined ‘clean’ of Polonium today is that the contamination of the Polonium trailed by Litvinenko could have been from particles on clothing – which are harmless unless somehow the particles end up in the mouth and ingested. Since Scaramelle went back to Italy there is no way to determine if […]

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Nov 29 2006

Fly BY 11/29/06

I used to do “Flybys” a lot, which are nothing more than a compendium of quick hits on recent news items. I think I will need to get back into the habit given my upcoming work load. So let’s take a Flyby of some important stories (as opposed to much of the news media’s products). […]

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Nov 29 2006

Litvinenko Fingers Scaramella AND Putin

This story gets more and more bizarre. It seems Putin was not the only man fingered by Litvinenko on his death bed. He also fingered Italian consultant Scaramella who he lunched with at the Sushi Bar and supposedly handed Litvinenko copies of emails with a hit list of names – including the names of Scaramella, […]

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Nov 29 2006

Two New Sites May Not Be Contaminated

The reporting out of the UK is now saying that the two new sites of interest, the Sheraton Park Lane and 58 Grosvenor Street, have not yet shown contamination – puting the timeline possibly back to where it was before. Late Tuesday, police began to search two more locations — a building at 58 Grosvenor […]

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Nov 28 2006

Litvinenko Admitted Smuggling Of Nuclear Contraband

Well, well – seems I was close to the truth on this one, if the reporting from the Independent is to be believed: Alexander Litvinenko, the poisoned former Russian agent, told the Italian academic he met on the day he fell ill that he had organised the smuggling of nuclear material out of Russia for […]

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Nov 28 2006

Polonium Trail Gets More Complicated

The Trail of contamination from the Polonium-210 on (as opposed to in) Alexander Litvienenko just became much more complex and should eliminate the Sushi Bar as the original source of the contamination. This is because two new locations have been added the contamination list: The statement came as Boris Berezovsky, the exiled Russian billionaire who […]

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Nov 28 2006

The Trail, And Poison, Spread In Litvinenko Case

Today’s twists in the Litvinenko drama are troubling to be sure. It turns out that Scaramella probably was contaminated during his meeting with Litvinenko, and unfortunately he travelled back to Rome and Naples for a period where he apparently contaminated a UK reporter who followed Scaramella back to Rome for an interview as Litvinenko lay […]

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