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Nov 28 2006

Litvinenko Admitted Smuggling Of Nuclear Contraband

Well, well – seems I was close to the truth on this one, if the reporting from the Independent is to be believed: Alexander Litvinenko, the poisoned former Russian agent, told the Italian academic he met on the day he fell ill that he had organised the smuggling of nuclear material out of Russia for […]

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Nov 28 2006

Polonium Trail Gets More Complicated

The Trail of contamination from the Polonium-210 on (as opposed to in) Alexander Litvienenko just became much more complex and should eliminate the Sushi Bar as the original source of the contamination. This is because two new locations have been added the contamination list: The statement came as Boris Berezovsky, the exiled Russian billionaire who […]

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Nov 28 2006

The Trail, And Poison, Spread In Litvinenko Case

Today’s twists in the Litvinenko drama are troubling to be sure. It turns out that Scaramella probably was contaminated during his meeting with Litvinenko, and unfortunately he travelled back to Rome and Naples for a period where he apparently contaminated a UK reporter who followed Scaramella back to Rome for an interview as Litvinenko lay […]

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Nov 28 2006

Alexander Goldfarb Slips Up

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Alex Goldfarb, the mouthpiece spokesman for accused corrupt oligarch Boris Berezovsky, made a major slip today as he tried to hold up the assassin facade and claimed Litvinenko was ‘sweating’ the Polonium-210 (PO-210) as he went from place to place. He was attempting to give a cover story to his boss – Berezovsky: Traces were […]

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