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Nov 07 2006

What Is Up In MD?

The official website is well behind the exit polls.

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Nov 07 2006

Dem Route

Congrats Dems. You moved right (sorry Kos) and won. Which is what you had to do. Remember what got you here in 2008, because if you forget it will cost you with us independents.

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Nov 07 2006

Blogs For Allen

Nope, not calling this for Allen. He will win, but the law requires a recount and Allen is only ahead by 3,000 votes out of 2.2 million cast resulting .1% edge. Allen will eak this out, but it will be throug recounts.

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Nov 07 2006

Something To Note

Olympia Snowe is cruising to an easy win with 72% while Negron barely lost the Foley seat in heavily Rep district. There is something to learn about this result. See what you think.

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Nov 07 2006


Some good news. All right, time to double down and get serious.

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Nov 07 2006

VA Recount Unavoidable

Here is where we are with Allen. 97.42% of the vote is in with Allen only up 5K votes, which is a .2% lead. It is going for a recount. But the absentees will bury Webb.

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Nov 07 2006

Many Thanks Readers

This has been one of the best days ever at the Strats-Sphere in terms of visits. To all of you I send a mighty thanks – and we will get up tomorrow and win again for conservative policies. The Dems did not perform up to par, which should be between 20-30 seat win in the […]

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Nov 07 2006

Fox: Dems Win House

That is what they are calling. But I want to see the GA and LA-03 races come in before this is solidified. And I hope every conservative who sat home thinks about what this means (and my suspicion is a very small fraction did sit home – but it did count).

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Nov 07 2006

Steele Not Conceding!

45% vote in and Steele is winning by 4%!

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Nov 07 2006

Dems Win Marginal Victory In House

Dems will get a NY house and Foley’s seat. Reps have let the Dems snooker them. We are looking at GA and LA-03 for the final tally.

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