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Nov 04 2006

Big Shift Towards Reps

What happened to the increasing generic ballot lead of the dems? I have seen numbers ranging from 11-15% for the Dems. But now comes out a Washington Post/ABC News poll showing only a 6% lead for the dems! It was 14% in the last poll. I would take that as a big turn for the […]

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Nov 04 2006

Serious And Focused Verses Over Confident

Update: Never do a spreadsheet in a hurry. I had to correct the math somewhat, but the basic story is still the same for FL-13. End Update More indicators showing up. Oak Leaf at Polipundit and Geraghty at TKS are showing a stunning set of early numbers in the FL-13 House Race. Early voting: Democrats: […]

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Nov 04 2006

Some Early Indicators

Updates below This is the season I avidly read TKS and look for the sage words from Geraghty’s source “Obiwan”, that source has insight and information us political addicts would die for. TKS has an update on what Obiwan predicted and what is happening. I for one have predicted a Steele win for over a […]

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