Nov 29 2006

Scaramella Clean – Now

The problem with Scaramella being determined ‘clean’ of Polonium today is that the contamination of the Polonium trailed by Litvinenko could have been from particles on clothing – which are harmless unless somehow the particles end up in the mouth and ingested. Since Scaramelle went back to Italy there is no way to determine if he carried some with him or not. This is the real problem with this kind of material getting out. I hope he really is clean – but I would not take this as Scaramella did not get contaminated on the day he met with Litvinenko. That is a step too far from what we know now.

In a clear indication of how the UK is treating this story you need to read no further than this one sentence:

London police say they are investigating the case as a “suspicious death” rather than murder, although they have devoted a large anti-terrorist force to the investigation.

It may just be precautionary, and it may be necessary. Who knows right now.

Update: Some other signs here pointing more towards terrorism and away from assassination:

“There is no need for public alarm,” John Reid, the Home Secretary, said in a hastily arranged statement to Parliament on the rapidly evolving situation after the radioactive poisoning of Mr. Litvinenko, a persistent critic of the Kremlin.

“We are not yet even at the stage where the police have been telling me that there is definitely a third party involved in this,” he added, repeatedly refusing to point the finger at Russia.

But in a sign of how seriously London is taking it, Mr. Reid again called a meeting of COBRA, the Cabinet security body, which in the past has met for incidents including last year’s July 7 terrorist attacks, to assess the risks.

The “third party” statement could rule out any murderer (the third party), not just Russia. And the COBRA activity is most telling. They have been meeting nearly daily now.

Update: And in another idiotic ruling showing that judges to believe gavels have mystical powers to change reality a judge has confirmed life is unfair to the blind. Almost put this one in the Duh! Files.

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