Nov 29 2006

Two New Sites May Not Be Contaminated

The reporting out of the UK is now saying that the two new sites of interest, the Sheraton Park Lane and 58 Grosvenor Street, have not yet shown contamination – puting the timeline possibly back to where it was before.

Late Tuesday, police began to search two more locations — a building at 58 Grosvenor and the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel in Piccadilly. A spokesman said that as of almost midnight, no radiation had been found.

This conflicts with earlier reporting. The police must have determined Litvinenko had passed by or stopped into these places during the day in question. Obvisously the lack of contamination can help determine where and when the contamination catually originated. Hopefully more on this will come out tomorrow.

However, looking back at some earlier reporting we find Boirs Berezovsky and Alex Goldfarb making another erroneous claim regarding the time line and when Litvinenko was at Berezovsky’s office (which is a site of contamination). Here is what was claimed a few days ago:

A spokesman for the multi-millionaire exile said Mr Litvinenko had visited Mr Berezovsky’s office within hours of a lunch on November 1 when he is thought to have ingested a deadly dose of Polonium 210.

Emphasis mine. A review of the minimal timeline we have available shows there was no period ‘within hours’ of the lunch for Litvinenko to visit Berezovsky because within 45 minutes of the lunch with Scaramella Litvenienko spent hours with some Russians with a potential business opportunity, and the Litvinenko visited his buddy at a security firm at 25 Grosvenor Street.

Goldfarb has been altering his story on when Litvinenko actually visited Berezovsky’s office on a daily basis, and he has done so as spokesman for Berezovsky. One day it was right after the lunch in the 45 minute window between the meeting at the Sushi Bar and the meeting at the Mayfair hotel. Then Goldfarb claimed the Polonium was coming from Litvinenko’s sweat – which is highly unlikely. Now Goldfarb claims Litvinenko came and went as he pleased to use the facilities and no one knows when he may have been there. These daily adjustments to the wholes in Goldfarb’s alibis for Berezovsky are truly enlightening.

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    I adore you, but I couldn’t disagree more with your theory.