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Nov 21 2006

Testing For Weaknesses?

I cannot help but think the Imam incident in Minnesota was staged to create headlines and cause some recoil by the American public. It doesn’t seem right on many levels. The Imams did and said things that they knew would put people on edge. Now we learn their spokesman is tied to questionable Islamic fundraising […]

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Nov 21 2006

Surrendering Iraq Is Surrendering The War On Terror

I pointed folks to Micheal Ledeen’s article on how the Baker ISG could be addressing the wrong issue. It is clear the right question is asked so we don’t destroy ourselves by misunderstanding the challenge we face right now. Our strategists are constantly asked, how can we win the war in Iraq? But it is […]

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Nov 21 2006

Pelosi Disses Liberal Base Again

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The Liberal base came out in droves to effect ‘change’ in America. Their expectations were the Dems would deliver. They would see investigations for war crimes. They would see immediate withdrawal from Iraq. They would see gays in the military. They would see higher taxes. They would see it all!!! Ain’t going to happen. Why? […]

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Nov 21 2006

Al Qaeda’s First Message To Dems And Media

A while back I predicted that Al Qaeda would get anxious and impatient with the Dems and would send the Dems and the US Media signals that they best get on with their plans to surrender in Iraq. And one place I predicted that signal to be sent from was Lebanon: The Dems are in […]

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Nov 21 2006

Get Your Free Stem Cells

Free Adult Stems Cells of course. Why should anyone be shocked that vital cells are being harvested from human beings? Isn’t that the crux of Embryonic Stem Cells – harvest the soon to be organs for paying customers? At least this method avoids the cancerous growths which occur with Embryonic Stem Cells and gets to […]

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Nov 21 2006

Ali Mohammed – Modern Benedict Arnold

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The person most responsible for the success of Al Qaeda against us throughout the 1990’s and leading up to 9/11 was Ali Mohammed. He was an Egyptian soldier who came to America, became a soldier in our Special Forces and became a citizen. He then passed critical training manuals and information to our enemies. Finally […]

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Nov 21 2006

Just Win Baby

The handwringers are out in force, and making as little sense as usual. They see no solution because, quite frankly, they are incapable of coordinating a campaign as complex and challenging as Iraq. Take like Jed Babbin for example: According to the Post’s report, the options being studied are encapsulated by the nickname given it: […]

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