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Nov 05 2006

Gallup Sees Same Slide

The USA Today/Gallup poll just out gives the Reps a perfect trifecta in the polls as, again, a huge lead is cut. Today the Dems only enjoy a meager 7 percentage point lead over the Reps. A month ago it was a 23 point lead, and two weeks ago it was 13 points. Updating this […]

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Nov 05 2006

Steele Will Win, Can Kean?

Another poll out shows why I think the Dems are in for a schocker on Tuesday. Trend lines are the key. Is the arrrow pointing up, pointing down (and most critically how steeply is it pointing) or flat. We have seen the trend line for Steele, and I am confident black democrats are not being […]

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Nov 05 2006

Pundits Resist Honest Turnout Models

Stuart Rothenburg is one of those political pundits who has bet the house (his reputation) on the accuracy of the polls – at least until this weekend. Newsbusters has an interesting comment by Rothenburg this morning on CBS Face The Nation: There was a recent poll out just today that suggested the Republicans were closing, […]

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Nov 05 2006

Democrats Still Hemoraging In Polls

Jim Geraghty at TKS has the news about the latest Pew Poll and another indication of ‘a shift’ from the Dems to the Reps (via Hotline): Pew is out with their final pre-election poll and just like the ABC/Wash. Post poll, Pew shows Republicans with momentum. In the generic ballot, Dems lead by just 4 […]

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Nov 05 2006

Redskins Pull Off A Win

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I could not help but notice all the Cowboy fans among my readers. Well, if you folks just watched that wild game I think we can all agree that was a game which will go down in the history books. I thought Dallas had that until the last second – literally.

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Nov 05 2006

1-2 Seat Senate Loss

I just wanted to crow a little bit before the Dallas-Redskins game starts and remind people that I predicted maximum of a 1-2 seat Senate loss for the Reps last week. I do not plan right now on changing that prediction. And I seriously doubt Allen is in trouble in VA. Recall, Bush was suppose […]

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Nov 05 2006

Liberals Unhinged As Polls Head Right

Boy, I thought the liberals were in deep emtional trouble over 2004 and their fantasy that polls were more accurate than ballots. Now the liberals, seeing their hopes dashed, are claiming the polls are no good. As Corker takes a lead in some polls (and you all know I am not very condifdent in the […]

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Nov 05 2006

Steele For President

Micheal Steele just told Chris Wallace that the Washington Post will have to write the headline “Steele Wins” and just ‘eat it’! Man, Steele is my kind of politician. Mark me down as one of the first to call for Steele For President. And let the antique media just Eat It!

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Nov 05 2006

Two More Interesting Polls

Mason Dixon has a poll out showing RI Senator Chaffee up by 1% and MD Senate candidate Cardin in a statistical tie over Steele. Amazing turn arounds. The Chafee numbers are really something given other polls showed Chaffee down by 10-14%. The previous Mason Dixon poll in RI showed Chafee down by 5%. I am […]

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Nov 05 2006

Saddam Is A Murderous Madman

Whodathunkit. What impact will this have on the election? Not sure. But it is clear most sane people (and that is just about everyone outside liberal circles) sees the end of Saddam’s reign as a good thing for the human beings who live in Iraq and its neighboring countries.

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