Nov 21 2006

Al Qaeda’s First Message To Dems And Media

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A while back I predicted that Al Qaeda would get anxious and impatient with the Dems and would send the Dems and the US Media signals that they best get on with their plans to surrender in Iraq. And one place I predicted that signal to be sent from was Lebanon:

The Dems are in serious trouble here. They are playing a classic Neville Chamberlain to Bin Laden’s version of Hitler. … As I noted before, the terrorists are planning now to go on the offensive. They need to build momentum in the Muslim world to enhance their image as the ones who brought down the Great Satan. They need to grab as much of their Caliphate as possible before the West realizes the mistake we just made. This is from the terrorists’ viewpoint, so don’t expect the Dems to have a clue on this.

First, Al Qaeda needs to sow the seeds of doubt in Europe and Australia (and possibly Canada). They need to attack there so the people in those countries pull a Spain like America just did (elect the Surrenderers-in-Chief). Second, the democracies or pro-West nations in the ME need to be toppled or, at least, distracted. That means Lebanon is a target [new] for toppling the still weak government [new] there. This would allow Syria, Iran and Hamas Hizbollah to begin round two of their campaign on Israel from Southern Lebanon.

As I suggested would happen, the Islamo-Fascists (which includes Iran and much of Syria) may have started the effort to destroy Lebanon:

Prime Minister Tony Blair has condemned the killing of a leading Christian Lebanese minister, who has been shot to death in Beirut.

Pierre Gemayel’s death comes amid a political crisis in Lebanon, after six pro-Syrian cabinet members resigned.

Mr Blair said: “We need to do everything we can, particularly at this moment, to protect democracy in Lebanon and the premiership of Prime Minister Siniora.

“And it underlines once again the absolute and urgent need for a strategy for the whole of the Middle East, that supports those who favour democracy and the proper way of resolving disputes everywhere.”

A regional solution mandates winning in Iraq. I am not surprised Syria has opened formal relations with Iraq for the first time in 24 years. They understand Iraq is gaining back its strength and Syria knows it doesn’t want to be on the wrong end of things when Iraq does stand up again. Iraq in the ME is like Germany in Europe – it carries a lot of weight due to its size, industrial capacity, skilled workforce and military prowess. So Syria is smart to make amends with Iraq now and focus on something more achievable – taking over Lebanon and positioning itself on Israel’s border.

Al Qaeda will send more signals through the rest of this year to rattle the media and liberals. But the very acts of expanding the warfront in anticipation of a supposed US retreat will backfire. Because one thing is forever true. Fascists always misunderstand US resolve and pressure points. Fascists have to believe we are weak and easily scared in order to even have the lunatic fantasy of destroying us. So we are constantly being pushed to demonstrate the obvious – we succumb to no one.

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5 Responses to “Al Qaeda’s First Message To Dems And Media”

  1. erp says:

    Sadly, I fear you are all too correct.

  2. ivehadit says:

    …”we succomb to no one”….

    Yessirreee. Indeed! They will underestimate us at their peril….and I for one will love it….and that goes for the hard Left America-haters as well.

    God bless my beloved America, the Beautiful. Long will she reign!

  3. Muslims Removed from Plane and CAIR…

    After 9/11, people have no choice but to be weary and to report ANY and ALL people they believe to be a threat, even if they are wrong. In this case, I would have to think it is better to err on the side of caution….

  4. Ken says:


    Wrong again on Syria; it’s coming to terms with Iraq because Iraq
    is now pro-Iranian and together all three form an anti-American
    bloc weakening America’s power in the Middle East.

    And you throw the term Islamo-fascist around like a
    quarterback bent on setting an interception record. Many of ’em hate each other, though if we keep throwing our unwanted weight around in their part of the world we just might bring them all together, like we brought Syria and Iraq together. One thing all of ’em have in common though is a demand Israel give back ill-gotten land to the native oppressed Palestinians. Whereas, seems like the Moslems who have your favor are pretty quietly submissive in that area….

  5. Barbara says:

    I will never understand the mentality of the American public to vote in a congress the terrorists endorsed. That says it all.