Nov 21 2006

Testing For Weaknesses?

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I cannot help but think the Imam incident in Minnesota was staged to create headlines and cause some recoil by the American public. It doesn’t seem right on many levels. The Imams did and said things that they knew would put people on edge. Now we learn their spokesman is tied to questionable Islamic fundraising efforts and has admitted to some ties to Bin Laden. So is there more to this? Possibly.

As I have been saying, Al Qaeda is going to try and send a message to Dems and the liberal media to surrender Iraq ASAP. SO what would they do to send a message to us here in America? Should we watch for diversions and testing of our security systems? I think so. This escapade had many results worth noting. Let me illustrate how this incident can be used to test our security awareness:

  • How Far Is Too Fa?r – One thing this exercise did was show how much it takes to create a strong enough reaction to make the system respond. While to some it may seem it was a trigger-happy response, in other ways it was not.
  • How To Avoid Easy Detection – The one thing that tripped the system to respond was how the Imams broke up into pairs and took unassigned seats. It was not until this happened that the warning bells sounded. This is another clue as to how to avoid detection
  • Bait And Switch – The Imam incident makes a brilliant diversionary tactic. It draws law enforcement’s attention and media attention to the activity, which could cause attention to be drawn away from other areas. I would be checking to see if this was not cover for test probe someplace else in the airport’s defenses
  • Numb The Public’s Response – This stunt, if it was a deliberate effort, will go far in numbing the public or causing it to hesitate in alerting security of suspicious behavior. If the terrorists cannot wait for America to drop its gaurd, it can do things like this which cause us to pull our guard a bit. The current system relies heavily on an observant public.
  • I am not saying this is what happened. What I am pointing out is the kinds of testing and probing a smart enemy will do, along with diversionary tactics, or those that cause slackness in our defensive posture. The Imams should have never taunted the system. It could all be a PR stunt. But it could be a PR stunt with a more deadly purpose hidden even deeper. Stay vigilante. And Muslims would do better than to mimic attacks. Any crowd of people who mimic a forming attack will get the same response. How many have been booted for making jokes about bombs, etc?

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    1. CAIR To File Complaint Over Imams Being Removed From Minneapolis Flight…

      Update: Two of the Imams are affiliated with terror-linked organizations. Heh, and they are calling for a boycott of the airlines. AJ Strata thinks the whole thing smells fishy.
      Six Muslim imams on Monday were removed from a US Airways fligh…

    2. Kristen says:

      I suspect all of this is leading to something big. I am very concerned about the next two years and now that liberal Democrats control the US Congress, I don’t feel safe at all. They asked this rhetorical question for the last five years and now that they will be the majority in Congress, I can honestly say, I don’t feel safe. I do not enjoy the uncertainty they are imparting to the public. I have no faith that they will protect this country at all when they have the likes of John Kerry as the face of their party, with all the anti-American, anti-military jargon. This has not been a pleasant two weeks for many of us. On the international scene, it seems to be snowballing into a huge disaster. I certainly hope the next two years pass quickly. I know something huge is coming and I hope we can get out of the way fast enough. The history of seventy-five years ago is repeating itself and that alone is discouraging. Now that I have sunk to the depths of depression, I will depart. God keep us safe.

    3. Keith says:

      I thought I was being paranoid, but that’s one of the first thoughts that came to mind when I heard this. First weaken the defenses by forcing everyone to drop their guard in reaction to discrimination charges and congressional hearings… then attack.

    4. Snapple says:

      I think that they may have been trying to provoke an incident, too.

      They are trying to turn Muslims here against the country by making it seem like they are persecuted.

    5. Am I Paranoid?…

      One of the first things that came to mind when I heard of the imams being arrested today? What I would do if I were planning an attack.
      First, I would want to weaken the opponent’s defenses, force them to drop their guard. In a PC driven socie…

    6. MerlinOS2 says:


      Other bloggers I have read have worked the probe and react concept.

      As I understand the situation, the men in question were doing their required prayers that happened to coincide with the timing of the flight.

      So I guess the supposed lesson is to be that Muslims can pray whenever required by their religion no matter what the location and it should just be accepted but a general prayer invocation before a high school football game should be shunned and forbidden.

      And heaven forbid a cross be erected on land in public view.

      All females should wear beach burkas as the lower common denominator so as not to offend.

      Can’t wait for scientology to ask for equal time.

    7. Barbara says:

      I have said many times the imans in this country need to be carefully watched and no foreign imans should be allowed in the US. There is no telling what is going on in these mosques and schools. I am afraid of what these terrorists are capable of and we do not know who among the muslims are terrorists in this country. And another thing is that I do not understand why CAIR is still in existence. They want muslims to be able to move freely everywhere they want to go with no restrictions whatsoever even though the 911 hijackers were all muslim. Every time we arrest or stop a muslim Cair files a lawsuit. They are using PC and they are taking advantage of our freedoms and laws and using them against us. Isn’t this what is in the terrorists handbook?

    8. crosspatch says:

      OT: Bill Roggio is back blogging at his personal site and is about to go back to Iraq as an embedded journalist. He could use some help covering some of the costs and equipment … see the November 18th posting.

      Sorry AJ if posting that on your blog was out of line. He posts some good stuff that I believe should get more awareness. Feel free to clobber this comment if it seems “spammy”.

    9. For Enforcement says:

      MerlinOS2, congrats on being in Maui at this time of year and glad the turkeys got there.

      Anyhow, using info from tv reports and above. it doesn’t seem that the prayer was the problem. It was that they created a disturbance after entering the airplane and wouldn’t comply with the flight crew’s requests. (Apparently sitting in wrong seats, etc). But even after security came onto the plane, they resisted compliance thereby forcing security to remove them.

      I believe it was a planned demonstration to relax security toward Muslims. Is it working?

    10. Bikerken says:

      The thing that really bothers me about this incident is that they not only seem to be sensitizing americans to loud muslim prayers, but the shouting of the phrase,”Aluhah Ahkbar”. Some of the articles I have read on this incident say they used that term loudly several times on the plane. A few years ago I went to a form for Defense Department personnel on the suicide bombers in Isreal. At that time, the Bethlehem bomb squad was dealing with hundreds of bombings or attempts every year. One of the presenters was a member of the NYPD bomb squad who had gone over there to train with them. The slide shows were gruesome. One of the things we learned is that when the suicide bombers would walk into a pizza joint and blow themselves up, they would ALWAYS shout, “Aluhah Ahkbar!”, (God is Great), three times before blowing themselves up. Some people actually survived by diving for cover or running when they heard it the first time. Others jumped on suicide bombers as soon as they started shouting it. Isrealis soon realized that if you heard someone screaming this in public, watch out! Now that doesn’t mean that every time a muslim uses the phrase that somethings going to happen, they use it often the same way a christian might say, “Praise the lord!” But if I heard a muslim shout it three times in a row on a plane, I think I would see my life pass before my eyes.

    11. Ken says:

      What strikes me is the nervous nellie-ishness of the US since 9/11/2001, with an ample dash of self-doubt tossed in and more
      than a hint of guilt–an increased awareness that our continuing foreign policy might be unnecessarily adding to vulnerability.

    12. Imams, Laptops with Nuclear Info and Terrorism…

      …factor in the unemployed man with $78K and a laptop full of nuclear/chemical weapons info headed to PHOENIX when he was taken into custody… The sum total equals a mega heads up for people in Arizona and especially the Phoenix area. Let’s hope th….

    13. Ken says:

      “Another friend, a Sunni sheikh of the Shammar tribe noted to me that thousands of former officers are prepared to assault the G[reen] Z[one]. It is no longer a matter of can they do it, they are only mulling over the timing. The breach of the Green Zone security the other day was a test of their ability to get in, and not a real attempt at a coup, though it is reported as such. Every Iraqi I talk to says unambiguously that the resistance attached to the former regime would take out the Shiite militias with barely a fight, but that the resistance will not commit wholesale revenge against the Shiite population. They just want to get rid of the “carpet baggers” from Iran. ”

      above paste from today’s This refers to the
      Baathist-led sector of the resistance, which includes as junior partners native Sunni nationalists and a scattering of Shias,
      along with some foreign al Qaeda types.

    14. For Enforcement says:

      Who gave you that info Ken, I know you weren’t capable of getting it on your own.

    15. Ken says:

      Unlike you ,I read a cross-section of incisive accounts of Iraq
      War reality. I say “unlike you” because you have boasted in the
      past you go out of your way to avoid reading anything in the
      MSM or elsewhere which is anti-war,and disbelieve it when
      failing to avoid it.

    16. For Enforcement says:

      When you spend your time reading liberal rags and Noam, you never will have the slightest comprehension of reality.
      If you can link me to just one article from either the NYT or WaPo that contains anything other than liberal drivel then you might could convince me that it’s not 100% liberal. But you would be wasting your time since they went to the liberal loonies back in the 1930’s and haven’t had their head above water since.
      I read lots that is anti-war, that’s necessary to know what the enemy is thinking. After all, I read your stuff and that’s as looney left drivel as you can get. By the way the correct term is Anti-American, not anti-war.

    17. Ken says:

      The NYT and Wapo are both so “liberal” they supported the Iraq War.And by your definition, Bill Buckley, Pat Buchanan, George Will
      and Chuck hagel are “looney left.”

      Fact is, you’re an uneducated moron when it comes to political idology of any stripe.

    18. For Enforcement says:

      Well, I guess that’s better than being:

      Fact is, you’re an uneducated moron……under all conditions

    19. Ken says:

      You haven’t explained why the “liberal” rags you avoid reading
      so as to have more time for comics perhaps, all supported the Iraq
      War at the outset, while Pat Buchanan’s AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE magazine, OPPOSED it, directly contradicting your
      moronic maunderings.