Nov 07 2006

VA Recount Unavoidable

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Here is where we are with Allen. 97.42% of the vote is in with Allen only up 5K votes, which is a .2% lead. It is going for a recount. But the absentees will bury Webb.

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  1. TomAnon says:

    Big Navy Manuevers in the Persian Gulf mean lots of absentee votes…

  2. Mark78 says:


  3. Mark78 says:

    Can someone answer me, is the Senate held?

  4. Christoph says:

    Golly gee, I would so trade Allen for Steele.

  5. Christoph says:

    It’s unknown, Mark.

  6. Mark78 says:

    Thanks Christoph.

  7. Limerick says:

    TX22 change……..54% in Gibbs now down only 5

  8. crosspatch says:

    Steele is going to go down hard now. The rest of the more urban precincts are starting to report in. Cardin is now up by 2 points with 57% reporting and that lead should widen if the trends in those coutnies so far bear out going forward.

    Time for a nice pinot noir.

  9. crosspatch says:

    Yeah, it’s Cardin by 6 points now with 65% in. Steele is, sorry to have to say, toast. Dang it.