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Jun 17 2006

Time Exposes US Agent Inside Al Qaeda?

When will the news media stop their holy quest for the almighty dollar and just let our intelligence secrets stay secret? Want to give a life threatening tip to the terrorists? Well you start by leaking the fact we have agents inside their organization: Conventional wisdom has long held that the U.S. has no human […]

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Jun 17 2006

Afghan Offensive Against Taliban Continues

Some 80 plus insurgents have been killed in the first three days of a coordinated offensive against the Taliban and Al Qaeda remnants inside Afghanistan.  The GWOT is hot this summer.

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Jun 17 2006

Democrats Will Slander For Votes

We know they take bribes (William Jefferson), and we know they mollest their young interns (William Jefferson Clinton).  We know they will run from votes they cannot win (Texas State Democrats), and we know they will slander Reps and bring up trumped up charges (too numerous to list). And now we know Democrats have moved […]

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Jun 17 2006

A Common Mistake

The Democrat Plan for taking back Congress makes a common mistake. It insults American intelligence by pandering to feel good rhetoric while lacking anything bold: “Our new direction will advance a common agenda, seek common ground, and apply common sense in the service of the common good.” What a common crock. Democrats hire the most […]

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