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Jun 14 2006

National Security Over Mass Deportation

Deporting millions of illegal workers will waste law enforcement resources and put America at greater risk of missing a possible terrorist attack.  Case in point, the 55 illegal workers picked up at Dulles Airport, 12 minutes from my house and the notorious Herndon Day Worker Center. This is why Reps who draw out a comprehensive […]

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Jun 14 2006

Democrats In Disarray, Republicans Losing On Immigration

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Which party will implode more and faster this year? We seem to have a race to the bottom in this country. The hardline far right is pushing immigration policies which are opposed by the American people by 80-20. Note: we have had this discussion readers – stop pleading ignorance about polls that go against your […]

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Jun 14 2006

Hastert Fiddles As Party Destructs

Well, one thing everyone agreed was that immigration had to be dealt with and not shelved. The hard liners who cannot tolerate MORE than beefed up border security in the House have decided to make a bad situation worse and ‘learn’ about the Senate Bill: Hopes for a quick compromise on immigration were dealt a […]

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