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Jun 23 2006

Media And Democrats Confused By Need To Stop Terrorists

I have no clue what the media and Democrats are thinking. They seem to be against everything we do to protect ourselves from attack. They are against military action, they are against fighting the terrorists in Iraq, they are against surveillance of terrorists if that surveillance might identify a connection here at home. They seem […]

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Jun 23 2006

What Is So Scary About 500 WMDs?

Well, if one understands that only 3 Sarin gas shells is all it took for Saddam to obliterate a Kurdish village of 5,000 people (many women and children), then finding over 100 times that many shells gives credence to the lable Weapon of Mass Destruction.

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Jun 23 2006

GOP Utter Failure Part III

My worst fears came true with new details just out regarding the terrorist plot in Miami which was thwarted today: The alleged terrorists five U.S. citizens, a legal immigrant from Haiti and a Haitian national who was in this country illegally were expected to appear in federal court in Miami later Friday. This is why […]

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Jun 23 2006

GOP Utter Failure Part II

I posted earlier on the disaster laid upon this country by the GOP Congress by leaving this country’s borders unprotected, the 12 million immigrant workers here undocumented and vetted, and therefore the country exposed to terrorists infiltrating us with hopes of killing us. Results matter – no amount of excuses matter. And the fear of […]

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Jun 23 2006

My Fitzmas Wish

A while back I posted on the fun we would have if Cheney did testify in the Libby trial and we saw Fitzgerald and Wilson and Grossman all attempting to challenge the sitting VP. Cheney is just not a push over, and all these lesser beings will not see their fantasy confrontations come true – […]

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Jun 23 2006

Hastert’s Millions

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Speaker Dennis Hastert as a lot of explaining to do, but I am not holding my breathe. This is over $2 Million he made when a highway bill he has championed for nearly two decades came through. His comments just don’t wring true in all cases. First the sequence of events – note the dates: […]

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Jun 23 2006

Liberal Media Helps Terrorists Again

*** Updates Below – Keep Scrolling*** I am not sure which political fringe is going to get us first, the left or the right. I had just completed a post on the terrorists rounded up in Florida and I see the NYTimes and other liberal news outlets exposed another key – non military – tool […]

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Jun 23 2006

More Terrorists Found On US Soil

[Folks, I hope we can get the problems fixed soon on the site, I am aware that links are now not working] The news we have arrested 7 terror suspects in Miami, not long after the arrests in Toronto, Canada, underscores the problems we have been having with our political leadership in this country. From […]

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Jun 23 2006

Al Qaeda Had Big Plans

Al Qaeda is not just after the US, as some on the left imply when they say it is all our fault there is a war on terrorism. A recent US report indicates that Al Qaeda had plans to hit Australia, Britian ad Italy, intending to highjack planes and use them as human laden missiles. […]

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