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Jun 10 2006

Haditha Is AQ Central

To understand what are the possible explanations for what happened in Haditha it is important to look at the reporting, and understand Haditha was AQ Central and the likely source of a propaganda snuff film to excite the liberal (and blindered) western media. So let’s look at the liberal media’s reporting on Haditha for some […]

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Jun 10 2006

AQ Snuff Films In Haditha

In a previous post I postulated how Haditha was actually an AQ set up, using real live people instead stunt doubles for the death scenes. Reader SBD has noted other times where Marines have had video recordings of bombing attacks in Haditha (From previous post’s comment section): Marine Corps Times October 24, 2005 Monday SECTION: […]

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Jun 10 2006

Haditha Uncovered

I must say I have always admired reader SBD’s talent and diligence in finding news articles that have direct bearing on stories, and finding them first! So it seems with the Haditha charade. SBD posted this comment on June 8th (from this post): A cameraman working for Reuters in Haditha says bodies had been left […]

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