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Jun 13 2006

More Leaks By State Department To NYTimes

You would think people in government would realize the face serious jail time for leaking to the press.  But no, it seems until there are some perp walks to the slammer our national security is at risk due to partisan zealots: Until now, I refrained from writing about the Somali front in the war on […]

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Jun 13 2006

Making The News From Whole Clothe?

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*** as folks have pointed out, the article says the meeting was Monday which makes the reporting POSSIBLE – though it was released late today.  Consider this my Mea Culpa!  *** Anyone want to guess how this reporting came about? Bush, aides meet on strategy for Iraq By Associated Press June 13, 2006 CAMP DAVID, […]

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Jun 13 2006

Did Bush Discuss Final Transition To Iraq?

Mac Ranger has heard rumors that Bush went to Baghdad to discuss a complete handover of security to Maliki’s government, which could be possible now that Zarqawi and many of his top aides have been killed or rounded up. My guess is the Sunnis are ready to look towards peaceful co-existance without blood-mad foreign fighters […]

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Jun 13 2006

Pakistan Offensive Continues Against AQ

I have been saying for months the region to watch this summer in the War on Terror is the northern Pakistan region where supposedly OBL, Zawahiri and Omar are hiding out. More news is out today on successful efforts in that unruly area of Pakistan: The Pakistan Army on Sunday raised the number of militants […]

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Jun 13 2006

Protecting Us From Lying Liars

Michelle Malkin has been doing this country and our military a great service by running down each and every case where the lying, lazy or corrupt news media have been using photos of Iraqis slain by insurgents to supposedly represent acts by our brave men and women.  Michelle should be commended for stopping this misinformation […]

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Jun 13 2006

Bush In Iraq To Celebrate New Future

President Bush made a surprise visit to Iraq today, no doubt to celebrate the new government and the shattering of Al Qaeda with the death of Zarqawi. President Bush made a surprise visit to Iraq on Tuesday to meet newly named Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and discuss the next steps in the troubled, three-year-old war. […]

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Jun 13 2006

Fitzgerald Quits While He Is Behind

** Updates at end, keep checking back ** Good news for Karl Rove and the Bush administration as special counsel Fitzgerald finally realizes (I assume after numerous failed attempts with the grand jury) that he has nothing on Karl Rove that would not apply to his ‘star witnesses’. That of course is the reality of […]

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