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Jun 30 2006

More Terrorist Surveillance Exposure By USA Today

It seems our defunct news media cannot resist the need to go blabbing to everyone and anyone details about the NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program which the NY Times/Risen inaccurately exposed last December. Recall they originally claimed the NSA was bypassing FISA and spying on Americans, when it turns out the NSA was not bypassing FISA […]

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Jun 30 2006

America Wants NY Times Head On A Platter

It seems the American people are not happy the NY Times has decided to usurp their duly elected government and attempt to stop our war on terror by exposing our programs in the hope they become impotent. It seems the American people are not going to run to the left with adulation and thanks for […]

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Jun 30 2006

Hamdan: A Surprise Gift

Addendum:One thing people need to keep in their minds as the left comes spewing out in the midst of losing their minds is what the Bush administration was attempting to do in Hamdan. The administration was attempting to TRY the man for war crimes. The changes made to due process were there to protect the […]

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Jun 30 2006

US SC Hamdan Decision

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All you ever need to know on this subject is at Flopping Aces” – trust me.

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Jun 30 2006

Murtha Did Ask NY Times Not To Print

Strata-sphere was one of the first to note the comment by NY Times editor Bill Keller where he admitted Rep John ‘Jack’ Murtha called the Times and asked them not to print the details of our now crippled program to monitor terrorist financial details. It seems we were correct in our original account since the […]

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