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Jan 24 2006

The Ever Shrinking Left

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When the moderates departed the Democrat Party for the independent middle, they left the Democrats with the poor, lost, classless liberals. The liberals who honestly think we have no need to go to war after 9-11, and that is our fault Arab and Muslim societies failed their people. It took some time, but the liberals […]

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Jan 24 2006

Alito Confirmed In Committee

Alito has been confirmed by the Senate Judiciary Committee on a party line 10-8 vote. Now it goes to the Senate floor. Members of the Coalition of the Chillin’ (and any others who wish to chime in) might like to know Mark Coffey and I have been discussing a Carnival of the Coalition to mark […]

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Jan 24 2006

Raging RINOs Sighted

The Raging RINO’s were sighted at Phin’s place, raging and raging and raging. Check them out if you get the chance.

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Jan 24 2006

Democrat Party Going Bankrupt

I started predicting how badly it was going to be for the Democrats in the fund raising race last summer. Here was my initial prediction from June 2005: 12/06: RNC raising $106M, $65.2M in the bank DNC raising $45.2M, $16.4M in the bank Here are the results reported this week: RNC raised $101.5M, $34M in […]

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Jan 24 2006

Iran To Be Struck Soon

I believe this is very possible: The incapacitation of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has made a pre-emptive attack on Iran more likely in the next nine weeks, Israeli sources tell the premium, online intelligence newsletter published by the founder of WND. It was Sharon who vetoed the nearly unanimous recommendations of Israel’s generals that […]

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Jan 24 2006

Fly By 01/24/06

Brief posting this morning, so I only have time for a Fly By. The Canadian elections yesterday culminated the year plus decline of the corrupt Martin Liberal government. The Liberals should have understood that taking tax payer money to shore up their elections and bribe people to launder that election money was going to end […]

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Jan 24 2006

Stem Cell Voodoo Medicine

I had this as a part of another post, but it is too important to bury in a bunch of other topics. I am not fan of the embryonic stem cell snake oil promises peddled by its backers. I have a BS in Biology and understand the deliberate misrepresentations constantly made about the potential of […]

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