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Jan 01 2006

The Media Cannot Stop Itself From Helping Our Enemies

Updates at the end Are we to expect every day for the foreseeable future political partisans (and let’s be honest here, that is what is motivating these ‘whistleblowers’ – they want democrats in power) will be slowly dismantling our protection mechanisms as they leak to the press? These liberal zealots, and the liberal media comrades, […]

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Jan 01 2006

Fairly Good Journalism, Until The End

Occassionally sprinkled with liberal perspectives, overall this Newsweek article on the NSA flap is reasonably good!. The talk at the White House in the days and weeks after 9/11 was all about suitcase nukes and germ warfare and surprise decapitation strikes. … The message to White House lawyers from their commander in chief, recalls one […]

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