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Jan 13 2006

Liberals Finally Getting It

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The leftwing in this nation is slowly realizing no one finds them credible anymore. I guess after 25 years of crying “Wolf!” and predicting dire results from conservative policies which never actually transpire, it shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the left’s reputation is so shot it is now an example of what […]

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Jan 13 2006

Stupid Liberal Tricks

The liberal left has not learned to just get along with their fellow Americans. In a tribute to Martin Luther King in San Antonio there is going to be a flyover of two military jets. This is tribute is being rebuked by a bunch of whiners who now will stay home instead of joining arms […]

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Jan 13 2006

NY Times Leak Is Damaging Our Defenses

UPDATE: Don’t miss Michelle Malkin’s extraordinary round up on this story, and rightfully points out that even sales clerks can play a key role in our defense by being vigilant. Excellent point UPDATE II: Mac Ranger has more on these ‘slugs’ trying to kill us. As I pointed out to Mac, he was being too […]

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Jan 13 2006

The Council Has Spoken!

The Watcher’s Council’s selections for this week’s best posts are out and here are the results. In the council category the winner was Perspectives on Foreign Command of U.S. Forces by The Glittering Eye, with second going to Misogyny Day by New Sisyphus. In the non-council category the winner was Patterico’s Los Angeles Dog Trainer […]

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Jan 13 2006

Iraq Insurgents Battle Al Qaeda

I first saw the story at Ed Morrissey’s on how the local Iraqi insurgents are beginning to fight the foreign Al Qaeda elements in a positive sign that we truly are making progress in Iraq The German magazine Der Spiegel reports today on the developing factional rift between the different insurgent groups in Iraq. Increasingly, […]

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Jan 13 2006

Vindicated On FISA

The Washington Post has vindicated my suspicions on the role of the NSA and FISA. David Ignatius has done his homework and concluded the NSA does international intel, and when they get a solid lead the pass it to FISA. Before FISA is involved, people in the US are under surveillance as contacts communicating with […]

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