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Jan 19 2006

Feingold’s Folly: US Unfair To Al Qaeda

I am officially pulling the hook out of my mouth. Enjoy the joke on me! Folks, I am still a newbie blogger and I’m still human. And I am still laughing at this one. Sad thing is, it sounded so plausible! I am trying to confirm this comment. But I trust the site posting this […]

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Jan 19 2006

The Courts Almost Let A Child Die

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Courts need to get the hell out of the Medical Business. And we, as a people, need to demand clear and undeniable evidence of the state of an injured person when there is a legal question of the gaurdians intentions. Today it is a little girl, abused and beaten, who decided to come out of […]

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Jan 19 2006

Bin Laden Wants To Quit?

Major Update: It is Bin Laden The CIA has authenticated the voice on a tape played by al-Jazeera as Osama bin Laden, an agency official said. White House Response: “We do not negotiate with terrorists,” McClellan said. “We put them out of business.” Don’t forget there are updates at the end of this post. UPDATE: […]

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Jan 19 2006

Playboys vs. Leaders

Let’s just agree that many men at some point dream of being 007. James Bond is a seriously dangerous ladies’ man who protects the free world from the forces of evil. Of course, if you scratch deeply, too many real life men are more interested in the ladies than risking life and limb. In fact, […]

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Jan 19 2006

Connecting The MSM Dots

Jack Kelly does a great job of connecting dots on two stories discussed in the ConBlogSphere: the recent arrest of terrorists in Italy planning attacks on stadiums and other public arenas the MSM has ignored; and the case of Joel Hinrichs who was a Muslim convert and who blew himself up outside a Oklahoma football […]

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