Jan 24 2006

Alito Confirmed In Committee

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Alito has been confirmed by the Senate Judiciary Committee on a party line 10-8 vote. Now it goes to the Senate floor.

Members of the Coalition of the Chillin’ (and any others who wish to chime in) might like to know Mark Coffey and I have been discussing a Carnival of the Coalition to mark the occasion. Mark suggested we all think about the following question:

“In retrospect, given everything that has happened, both positive and negative, with Harriet Miers, John Roberts, and Samuel Alito, how do you feel about the filibuster deal?”

In my opinion, the Coalition has been vindicated time and again, and many of the original doubters have come to soften their positions. But I am only one voice. I think this momentous event deserves a look back to the initial Gang of 14 agreement.

So if folks want to join in on the Carnival email me with your posts by 6:00 PM January 26th – the night before the expected vote. If the vote is delayed we will extend the submission period.

Make submissions to AJstrata@strata-sphere.com

More on the committee vote at Michelle’s site

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  2. Ghost Dansing says:

    There definitely should be a filibuster.

  3. Sameul Alito Confirmation Vote

    Strata-Sphere has called for a RINO Stampede on the subject of Alito’s confirmation.

    Dick Durbin has said he’ll filibuster.

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